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The Self-Publishing Manual, Create and Publish Your Own Print and e-Book
Written by J. Bruce Jones, the author of over 40 published books.

Holding your own book in your hands is a powerful feeling. Sometimes even transformative. Something we can all do now. The tools are here. But where do you start and what do you do? How do you publish your book? The Self-Publishing Manual takes you through the process from beginning to end. It answers your questions and shows you how to publish your book.

Part 1. Key Publishing Questions. Part 1 answers the essential questions that people ask about self-publishing their books. Where do I publish my book? How do royalties work? What is an ISBN number? How to create a KDP/Kindle Print Book or a Kindle E-Book and how does copyright work?

Part 2. Writing, Creating and Publishing Your Book. Part 2 is an overview of the creating and publishing process. The Self-Publishing Manual breaks it down into 12 clear and easy to understand steps. We start by creating the content. Learn how to create your print or e-book and set-up your cover. Next is publishing your book. How and where to go. And one of my favorite topics, re-purposing your content for more revenue. The manual includes the Self-Publishing Checklist for both print and e-book.

Part 3. The Bonus Section. In the bonus section, I cover four topics. How to launch your book as an Amazon best-seller. The Best-seller Check List. How to create a book using my Top Ten Technique and we wrap up with a publishing resource list.

The Self-Publishing Manual contains the latest information on KDP/Kindle publishing.

J. Bruce Jones is an international best-selling author. He has created or authored over 40 published books. The Self-Publishing Manual shares Bruce's secrets from over 30 years of graphic design and publishing.

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The Self-Publishing Manual, Create and Publish Your Own Print and e-Book

Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing, my first # International Best Selling book. The book is about how to market and launch your book on It includes many of the tasks that you will need to do to launch and have a successfully selling book. Including three levels of book launching action plans. One of the most common questions I get asked by new authors is “What’s Next?” They have pushed the published button and launched their book on and then go what do I do now? Books don’t market themselves just because you are on Amazon. You need to be involved on a regular basis with getting your book out to the world and getting people to buy it. This is true wither you are an indie author or you have a publishing company behind you. Books need to be marketed in order to find customers. Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishers tells you how.

3 Simple Things I Would Do to Market My Book

Part 1, Book Marketing Checklist
General Book Marketing Concepts
Start Marketing Your Book the Day You Start Writing
Selling on Amazon
Book Launch Prep & Build Out Your Media Kit
Preparing for Your Book Launch and General Marketing
Going for a Best Selling Book
Online, General Book Marketing
Making Your Book Trailer Video
Off Line Book Marketing

Part 2, Book Launch Action Plan
Level 1, Marketing My Book with Little Effort and $0 Dollars
Level 2, I Can Go a Little Bigger and Make a Little More Effort
Level 3, I Want to Kick It Into Higher Gear, Try to Really Push It

Book Marketing Resources

Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing is available at Amazon in Print and Kindle. J. Bruce Jones is the author and creator of over 40 books and training courses for authors who are self-publishing their books.

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Print: Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing with Complete Action Plan

Kindle: Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing with Complete Action Plan

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