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Updating your Book and Second Editions on KDP.Amazon

Hi, Bruce Jones here and welcome. Just a quick broadcast. I'm working on some projects and I thought I would just sort of step in and just sort of tell you a little bit what I'm doing, uh, over the last few days or weeks as I'm trying to doing things. So as you can see the crawl, we're going along here at the bottom. I'm updating some books in the second edition. So I just wanted to share some stuff that I learned so we can take this out of the way here and just share some stuff that I've learned. I just want to make sure this is up on this, how to publish your book. This is from Bruce Jones at the how to publish your book Facebook group. Yep. There I am. All right, so if you have any questions while I'm on, you can, you can weigh in and I'm the author of the newly released book and Self Publishing Manual.

So always everywhere that's new. Um, you can pick up everything you need to know about publishing. Your book is in my new manual, so make sure you pick that up. And I just put this up, I've been selling a pdf version of this book and let's put this up here. You can get this up and get a pdf version of this at BruceJonesBook.com It's also available on Amazon and kindle print, just like this and a digital version at BruceJones, book.com. And if you do that, you get a copy of the self-publishing book launch medial. All right, so let me go into what we're doing here. We'll come back to tech. All right. Um, so this is the book. Let me just put up here. So I have a whole line. I was like a lot of books and she's our, my map coloring books.

If you can see here, there's a whole bunch of them and uh, one of them, this one became seriously out of dates. I'm just going to put this, show you where this is here to get this out of the way. Put this on the broadcast, you know, put me down. He was at work, so did that. So, um, with the stuff. So, here it is, it's sells on Amazon. Um, we can get these out of the way. I look at that. You're not studying Frank Kern. You should be. Um, so this is I one of my sites and a common question that people ask me all the time is about how I market my books. And this is one of the main ways I market my books is I built a website and put them up and to make a bookstore.

So here they all are as a lot of my coloring books. You can see in, if you click on the cover, it goes to a page that looks like this. I kind of modeled it on Amazon. I have rural regional books or the related books. I have directories of the books, I have samples at the video that needs to be updated. As you can see, it's not clicking there. Um, but so that's been the goal is, um, I had some comments and if you click on this right here, you'll take it to Amazon. You can see the book. I had comments, and you should always do this with your books, is check out the reviews. And this book has been a long time. It's a pretty popular, been a bestselling book for years. Um, I think I published this back in 2011 and it's still ranked at number 40, 43 and 44 but a good thing to do is to go through and read your reviews occasionally cause people point out things and you'll see that sometimes you have bad reviews and then right next to it you'll have really good reviews.

So like this great, perfect, great for kids. And then you'll get ones that are, this is terrible. Anyways, part of the reason that they did that in this book is I had some seriously out of date maps. So one of my goals for this is a book of, you can see it's a book of, let me get myself up here so you can see it better. Um, this is a book of maps coloring book. We all been, a lot of us have been doing coloring books. And so this is a book of maps and you'll see all the little pink notes here, the post it notes, um, that this book had gotten way out of date and I'm nice. So let's see who's commenting. Nice. Um, oh Debbie. Hi Debbie. Yup. So thank you for thank you for joining and um, this book you're getting seriously out of date on some of the maps I have to, they go back to the Commonwealth of Independent States, which was before Russia and I just hadn't been paying attention to it and just not dealing with it.

So that's part of my goal for 2019 is updating all of these books. Most of them being this one, we haven't added any state slightly, so we're pretty cool with that. Um, so that's what I've been doing and just show you what that looks like just so you can see it. I just want to see if anybody makes any comments here. When was it published? So it was published in 2011 this book. And um, based on maps that I drew in probably 1990. I've been working with these maps since 1990. It was a long time. Let me show you the file. Um, tried to share, think says is bad. Don't know what that means. But here, let me just put a, just put yours in here. Yeah, it was a published 2011 is when this was published. And just put this one up here too.

Nice. So let me just show you a what the book looked like. Let me get this down here. Switch this over here and we'll bring up this. So this is the book. This is the insight file of this book. And uh, this is Adobe illustrator and you'll see all the pages in here. So what I ended to do was just go in and re look at the maps are primarily, it was maps that dealt with the Middle East. We're the ones that were out of date. So I came in, uh, down here and then had to fill in, um, let me find where they were for their, um, right in here. There's one. So I had to come in here and fill in. You can see, here's my maps. I had to fill in all of these little countries. So I had just, they just didn't exist at that time when I drew the maps.

Now they do. So I had to go and get some more maps and figuring out how to fill those in. So I did some of those. The same thing happened on some of Middle East maps. Some of these countries just um, we're a part of, uh, the Soviet Union at that time and not part of independent countries. So I didn't put them in a lot of my maps. We're guided by what the CIA did cause he's our CIO. He's originally CIA maps. So I did that, updated that, updated the cupboard. And one of the things that I'm doing is I allow people to make copies of this book. And so I put a big notice in the front okay. For photocopying and just sort of updated all of that stuff. Right. So that's been uploaded now to Amazon. And what I wanted to show you, the reason I'm showing you this is let's bring up this and let's get out a lot of screens up here.

Uh, this opens up this. So what idea is these books? Are they loaded up? These were all CreateSpace books and they've now been brought back up. And so one of the questions that popped up in some of the groups and men was about additions. 

How do you make this a second edition? 
Can you make it a second edition isn't a second edition or do you just update the file? So what I've learned is if your book has significantly changed, I use, used to use the names of 30 to 40% that would say that the second edition. So when you go to your KDP upload area paperback details, there's a little box right here. That reality, I guess we're supposed to fill in. I've never really done it says you can provide an addition number if this title is a new addition of an existing book.

So ideally you're supposed to put in right here, if you read this little popup thing, a one on your first edition of your book. And then when you come to the next one, if you think you're going to be updating at some point do two or three. What you can't do is once the book has been published and you can go in here and learn more, there were a lot of stuff. What, what things I like about the new KTP is a lot more help information in here. If you just click this, you'll get all kinds of top clicking show you. Um, you'll see all kinds of information about books, videos, updating, all that kind of stuff. So, so you can't skip back into my page, you can't update, you can't make a existing an existing book and new edition. You would have to be a new book self.

So what, that's okay. I don't want to change it cause I want to keep all the comments. We want to keep all that stuff. So I just uploaded the book to the next, um, it just re uploaded the file. So I just made a new file up there, the book. And once you do that, um, you will review the book and I kind of liked this new way of doing this is the review the previewer print free viewer window for print books. And I'll tell you over here on the left and anything is wrong with your book. And so in this book and picked up a couple things and I think I'll just show you here and just show you this. We were Oh, keeps changing. Yeah, no, that's right. Um, you let me just show you. So that's a little weird. Um, so I just had stuff to close.

Let me just show you here to close and it picked it up and so I just had to go back. But, so that often happens where you have to um, sort of upload several files. So on one of these versions, I've uploaded three files to get the book cause they just keep just off a little bit. And I'm here with Canada, Canada. I had Vancouver island too close to the gutter, right, right. To close with the size book. He needed at least 0.3, seven, five space and a couple of boys in here. So, um, so that was that. So now once you get this, you can then you just go through it, right? So you just kind of go through your books. Let's just pop through it, right? So you just kind of go through and making sure everything's right. If there's a problem, it'll highlight it over here on the left and I'll tell you what page it's on.

So now it looks like everything is good, didn't find any issues. And um, so that's pretty cool. I love it. All right, so it's looking good. You just kind of go through this whole thing. They want you to go through it. You just kind of go through it, make sure everything is good the way you want it. And so some of the changes I did were updating the maps. So the added in fixing like this area of the Balkan area, eastern Europe, um, Balkan region. I also added in the countries that were missing. I also added in, um, I'm a big believer in, let me show you here, I'm a big believer in marketing your existing books in your new book. So you'll notice on some of the latter ones, once in a puddle of later, I would put it, the back cross promote, which are the books.

And in here, this is one of the first ones I did and I did not do that. So there's nothing in the batch to promote the other books. This is a whole series of books and the Amazon both promote a series. And um, so let me show you what I did. So this gave me an opportunity to update that. So let's just go to the act. So this has been changed at fixed the names of these maps. All of that's now good. Um, and now I will very carefully go back into some of those reviews and thank the people for pointing out the mistakes you don't want to use in your author central account. You don't want to get in a, you know, to get in a pissing contest with anybody or sort of doing things. But I will go back at it, acknowledged, says, Hey, thank you so much for pointing out the areas and now updated it.

So hopefully that will stay with that people will see it, um, that the book has been updated. And if you go to the back, so these are about a 90 page book. I like coloring books in this 80, 90 a hundred page range somewhere in there. It makes a decent book. I was also able to update the copyright, so I did a 2011, 2019 such as a couple to do that in the back here, my new books. So all my books are here and I also am getting ready to sell other things. My pdf map sets, which are pdf versions of these books in individual files. They're now in the back of the book. So your book is an opportunity to cross promote and sell other products. Really encourage you to take a look at that and figure out what can you do because people have the book they might want more.

So. Alright, so after that's done, so that all looks super cool. And Go back to the first page and this is my cover and I put this on here and I was able to update an address and just generally go through and just, it hasn't been touched since 2011 so he used to be done, I hit approve right here, approved, we'll get this moving. And then it comes to this page, which is the last page. So you have the paperback details, the pivot, that content. So that's all been checked. Boom, boom, this new manuscript and you cover, save and continue. If three pages you have to fill out. And then we'll come to the pricing page right here. I've been happy with this price because out my royalties to you can see the royalty rates. So for regular Amazon, it's 60% expanded distribution. It's 40%. I'm sure that's all still going. Yep. And uh, it gives me the royalties and once you hit publish this, so that's all cool. And it's in a territory's. All right. So could sell everywhere.

They will hit publish that and you are not allowed to put a coloring books on. Ebooks has kindle books. So, um, but you'll see this little window here, save successfully, and then you get this window, everything's been submitted and you just don't do that because you can't do it, but so close and you wait for an email if they found anything else. Take a take up to 72 hours, uh, air actually quicker than that. Get close. That's it. So these are the three books I've updated so far. I have two more to go. And um, let me just come over here and we'll do this. There we go. I have two more to go. I, Susan, how are you? Rich, thank you for joining in. So just a quick end, Jim. Oh yeah, let's see here. What did Jim say, Jim? You get more published in values and anyone that did that and I appreciate it.

Yeah, thank you Jim. Jim House is a great resource if you are trying to create just the book around your business or anything around that. He's a cool guy to go seek to do that. So, so that's it. That's just the short broadcast. Um, there's my agenda come up here to just sort of talk about updating your book, something you look at. Occasionally look at the reviews in your book because people will find things that are wrong. I have found things in did I didn't know were wrong in my books that I've seen. And how do you keep track of my publication? So, all right, well let me, let me show you what to do. I'll show you want to do. That's good. Great question. Um, so let me finish. My thought here is to keep track of your reviews and sort of look at them, see what's going on, look at the comments on them.

Occasionally though, definitely lacks, cause I've been doing other things. I'm trying to get this book updated. Um, you know, so you weren't gonna do that. So let me show you kind of what I do, what I do to keep now keep track of. So let's go to operate here in Kendall. So let me get this screen back up to the broadcast and okay, so did that bring me down? Right? So let's just go back. I'm in my Katie pounds. So basically what I do is this is the new, this isn't many of you have this, you see this already? 

KDP Reports Page

Understanding KTP reports area. 
Now they've been doing this new thing. Let's see if it's still here. It wasn't the other day or it was, it's back. Okay. So let me come. We'll come back and forth. All right, so this is the, basically when you sign into your Kindle account, you'll come to your bookshelf. So here are all my books. All right. And they kind of go on and on. I have over 40 of them, so there's a lot of them, kindle and print. And I do take and watch the reports area because now all of this has been brought together. So you can see here this is the right report for March 27th to February 26 and just make sure this is showing, so every scene. Yup. Okay.

All right. And um, so you can change this date, right? Two different date ranges. So we today, last two weeks, you'll notice right here somebody bought a hundred a hundred copies of one of my books. Isn't that cool? I was like, Whoa, I know, I know who it is, but clearly, I've never had an order like that. Somebody can just buy a hundred of them, but you can sort of see who this is. You can also look at things, right title, which I find is um, confusing because there's so many of them. So I wish they had it a little bit different way of doing it. But let's just look at the book that I've been working on, the world regional book and you can see here. All right. And this is an all formats ebook, paperback. So this is just a paperback book, but you can look at your ebooks, you can break those down.

Um, if you're guessing, if you're under, these are all other authors that I books I have managed or deal with her in my account, um, and my marketplaces. You can look at how it breaks down so you can look at through this to kind of get a sense of what's going on. Um, so that's kind of cool. You can look down here. Let's go back to the month. Now, if you remember, um, last 30 days as to last 30 days, um, when CreateSpace got merged into KTP, they change one that CreateSpace paid on 30 days KTP charged and paid in 60 days. So there was a lag time. All that's come back together so you can come down here and see the royalties that you have. And this usually is a little higher because it's, um, actually I think they just might have paid, but you can see what the world fees are in each of your markets.

You can kind of just review this stuff, right? You can also go into here. Historical is kind of fun. So there's a bunch of stuff up here and you can see this is my historical, so I've been on here since August of 2011. They merged all this data together. So you can see, you'd have to kind of go through, and I've done this, if you want to sort of see where you're at, uh, uh, like to date, year to date, last 12 months, let's look at the last 12 months, right? So there are the numbers for the last 12 months. They don't give you as a total load, which they gave you, like how many you've sold. You have to kind of add up to the, to tell you when there's a little popup windows, but they don't tell you like total, which I don't, I didn't do that.

Um, I don't really what those are. Um, here's the royalties earned $10,000,  for last year. It was a great year. I'm a print paperback book person. So $10,000 a year. That's not how everybody does it. Everybody is different. Um, you can do month to date, you can see the current book, ebooks. So you just kind of go through this here, the book totals of how the books sold over the, over the past month, over the previous month or marketplaces. Um, mostly we just spent here on the.com, um, payments preorders can see all the payments, how that's gone, but it all kind of goes through there. The other thing that I like is this new report. Somehow at these two things I believe in, it'd be merged together and um, it's just more visual shows you the books that are going, this is the gist of the book that sold a hundred, 100.

So that's what countries you're in brings the books down. Um, so I can break this open second, see word countries are going to, so that's sort of what I do. Um, I kind of look at all of this stuff and just sort of in my head, keep an idea of what's going on. So you'll notice that the Christmas time it goes down and it comes back up. Um, in fact, let's go back to historical and let's go like to date and you'll notice December's a high here. The Decembers and there's also sometimes a school seasons are in there to go up and down. So December tie, December, it's high separate. Sy, uh, this April was 2016 was a huge one with that 598 books all that month. So, so, so that's sort of how I keep track of all that kind of stuff. And I hope that helps.

Just spend some time searching around in your, um, let's just get this out of the way. Put this here. All right. Um, spent some time searching around in your KDP account. Is that looking through all those different areas and then you kind of have a feel as the books kind of move along of what's selling when they're selling what they're doing. And that's how I keep track of it. So great question. Thank you Debbie. And um, yeah, basically what to do and then you can kind of see what's happening and then maybe you can kind of use that information to, to go for when you're publishing. Would you publish for the beginning of the school year? Yeah. Well, you can certainly do a promotion. So here, let me put this question up. Um, when would you publish with the beginning of the school year? Well, what I have found with my books, um, is I tend to get a rush and August in September you'll see the notice that, so I spelled my map books, sell to a lot of homeschool people.

Um, and to grandparents who I get the reviews. You look at the reviews of my books, you'll see that as grandparents and your buy this book, these books for their kids to do geography because a lot of the public schools, geography has been taken out of curriculums. But in the home school market, this is an important subject. And so you get people commenting to me writing to me about that or grant people making reviews about that. So for me, it's August, September, um, there aren't any school systems buying this. This is basically people, people buying. Um, Christmas is also a big season. So you want to have everything ready going at the beginning of Christmas for any books that you think going to be Christmas books. Like, my music works for books like this, which are usually made geared towards the students. Um, August and September is usually a big junk and it looks like sometimes April is.

Um, and also remember the day a few days after Christmas is often just as big for a lot of retailers as the days just before Christmas, so people catching up. Um, so that's, uh, yeah, so when we do publish at the beginning is good. Yeah. So I would just look at your August and get your promotions going and doing things that are geared around getting people aware that your books are open for that. So, um, cool. All right. So that's it. That's the book. That's the thing. And um, if you, yeah. All right, so this is the first John's from Bruce, the book [inaudible] Dot Com and the how to publish your book Facebook group. And remember, if you want to get a copy of this, you can pick this up at Bruce Jones Book and get a digital copy of this and you can get a bonus. My checklist, this is what I use to launch this book to number one. Um, at the, uh, uh, in January when I launched this book, I put everything down and I took, I kept recording everything I did and I put the checklists and swipe files and everything is in this, on this. You can get that. All right, we'll see you next time. Bye. Bye.

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What is Print-on-Demand Printing

What is Print-on-Demand Printing?
Print-on-Demand is what makes self-publishing a print book possible. Readers buy your book on Amazon or other indie publishing sites. Using digital printing a single copy is printed, packed and shipped to the customer. Think high-quality photocopying. The process is fast and seamless. It seems like the book was pulled off a shelf, but they aren’t, the book is printed, bound and shipped. What this means for you as an author is no inventory. You do not have to do anything other than write, layout the book and upload the print files. This saves you tremendous amounts of money and effort. There are no garages full of books waiting to ship.

KDP.Amazon.com, Lulu.com, Blurb.com and IngramSpark.com, the leading print-on-demand publishing sites. See the previous question for the web address.

Print-on-Demand Paperback Books
•  KDP.Amazon.com, paperback, print-on-demand, a division of Amazon, free,

Combination of Paperback, Hard Cover and e-books
These companies offer a variety of options including e-book, print, spiral/coil binding, saddle stitch/staples and pdf with distribution options 
•  IngramSpark.com, print-on-demand, world’s largest book distributor to book and gift stores, some fees, http://www.ingramspark.com/
•  Lulu.com, similar to KDP.Amazon but with more printing options, paperback, hardcover, spiral, saddle, free, https://www.lulu.com/
•  Barnes & Noble Press, formally Nook Press, a new, revised publishing platform from Barnes & Noble, now offering print, e-book and a possible relationship with their stores if you can sell 1,000 books over a year. This is also an excellent resource if you just want to print books but not necessarily publish them on Amazon. This is done for speaking engagements, or a conference or workshop.  https://press.barnesandnoble.com/
•  BookBaby.com, a variety of different pay packages, fee, https://www.bookbaby.com/
•  Books-A-Million D.I.Y. with BAM! Publishing, write, publish, print and distribute in print or e-book, http://www.bampublish.com/
•  Blurb.com, photo and art books, free, http://www.blurb.com/

Book Printer with Access to Bookstore Distribution
•  IngramSpark.com, print-on-demand, world’s largest book distributor to book and gift stores, some fees, http://www.ingramspark.com/

E-Book Publishers
•  KDP.Amazon.com, the main e-book site, an e-book reader, free, https://kdp.amazon.com
•  Smashwords.com distributes e-books to over 80 outlets and devices, free,
•  Draft 2 Digital.com, free, https://www.draft2digital.com/

J. Bruce Jones is an international best-selling author. He has created or authored over 40 published books. The Self-Publishing Manual shares Bruce's secrets from over 30 years of graphic design and publishing.

This post is an excerpt from my new book, The Self-Publishing Manual, available at Amazon.com in print and ebook.