Friday, March 11, 2016

10 Lessons I Learned from My International Best Selling Book Launch for Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing

#1 International Best Selling Book!!! I got it, Yea!!!

What a great day Tuesday was, a huge thank you to everyone who helped me launch my new Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing book. It became an international best selling book over night in the US hitting #1 and Australia hitting 3 #1s, and the next day hitting #1 in Canada. Plus making the bestseller list in the UK, and Germany. This is also my first book with a video course tie in that is linked inside the book, making for a cool bonus.

What did I learn from the launch of my new book, Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing yesterday?

Your platform is super important, build that mailing list. Also having a Facebook open group and being part of Facebook groups is a huge help, big chunks of sales came from FaceBook Groups. Click here to see my FB group, to Publish Your Book

Book Marketing Checklist Launch Plan

Have a written game plan of what you are going to do and the sites your are going to post on and connect with. It can be hand written, but launch day is crazy busy and it is hard to keep track of it all.

Have help. I had someone step in and help with all the behind the scenes stuff during the launch, pushing me to keep promoting, looking for lists and connections that I didn't realize I had. Single sales make a difference when you are moving up the rankings. Think about a team, even just one extra person makes a huge difference.

Have some kind of bonus or tie in for the book for the launch. I have a video course linked from inside the book that I actually didn't promote as well as I could but I still have a bunch of new sign ups in my How to Publish Your Book School. So offer something, a pdf report, bonus content, maybe some videos that you have on a page on your site, any of these will work. link them from inside the book to your website

• I need to be much more conscience about asking for Amazon book reviews from people who bought. I got four excellent reviews but could have gotten more if I had asked a little better.

Look for sales in other countries, it is much easier to rank in Australia and Canada than you think and all the #1s add up. Build some connections in your FB groups to people in other countries.

How much time it all takes to do this, all the posting and linking and connecting. I need to do much more pre-prep next time. I spent several days getting ready and I have continued spending time with all the follow up.

Don't forget the next day, sales are still going on, promote, promote, promote and remember to go look.

• Be sure to screen capture all your ranking numbers in Amazon’s Product Details area on their sales page. Remember some of this happens in the middle of the night, your extra person can really help with this.

To learn more about how to market and launch your own book check out my How to Market Your Book on-line course. I take you through all the steps. Click here to learn More.

You can also read about my getting my first #1 Best Selling Book at the bottom of my 10 Steps to Publish Your Book page here on this site,

Go and change your author bios on all your social media and web sites with your new status. I now say J. Bruce Jones, #1 International Best Selling Author, is a  blah, blah, blah

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