Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing Hits #1 International Best Seller Status

What a great day Tuesday was, a huge thank you to everyone who helped me launch my new Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing book. During the day it became an international best selling as sales came in over night hitting #1 in the US, Australia and Canada on Wednesday and a best seller in the UK and Germany. Thank you everyone.

For the launch I actually used my own book to help me with the plan, using the Level 1 and 2 engagement levels. Some of the things I did were to post the launch announcement in all of my FaceBook groups, made a Youtube book trailer, set up a Pinterest board, updated my Linkedin account, and put an announcement here on the blog. I also pulled all my different email lists together and sent an announcement out.

Most of the sales were on the Kindle side. Usually when you are doing a book launch you are working with just the Kindle ebooks because you can reduce the price to just $.99. I will keep that price for a few more days and then start raising it. I ended up selling a total of 79 books on launch day with 71 in the US, 5 in Australia and 2 in the UK and 1 in Canada. Today I picked up some additional sales in Canada and went to #1 there also. What really pushed me over the top was coming back around midnight and re-posting in all the groups. I also had some great help from a colleague who kept pushing me to keep selling and helped with some of the book categories.

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