Wednesday, March 2, 2016

When and How Do I Start Marketing My Book?

When do I start marketing my book? You start marketing your book the day you start writing.

Ideally marketing your book starts the day you start writing it. We often don’t even know we are writing a book when we start assembling content. But the key is to start reaching out to the world with your ideas as soon as you can. For most people this is a hard concept to get our heads around. We don’t know what we are writing and we often don’t want to release anything until we feel it is perfect. But to gain exposure and to start building our author platform we need to start releasing content as early as possible. It doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact it most likely will not be. But it takes a while for the world to find us and connect with us. If we start releasing our ideas and content Google will notice and start sending people our way if we give them a place to send fans to. The goal is to build an audience of fans who know and like us and who are there when we release our books.

___Work on building out your author platform.

Your author platform are all the ways that people connect with you. Some are just loose social media connections, some are stronger and are on your email lists and the strongest are actual buyers of your stuff. But they are all the people that can potentially buy your book.

Start Your Platform
___Begin building an author website or blog

___Begin building your email list of interested fans

___Register an author URL for your website, will work if you can’t get your name

___Set up your social media sites, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube and any others that you think your fans will be at. You want to be in their world.

This is Part 1 of two posts on getting started with your marketing, Click Here for Part 2

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