Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Learn How to Make and Sell a Product for Your Web Site in 15 Minutes

Video presentation by J. Bruce Jones on how you can easily make and sell simple products for your website in 15 minutes. Below is a transcript outline of the presentation.

• I have created and sell today 50+ products on line, Including pdfs, clip art maps for businesses, small & big multi module online courses, books, posters and home goods.
• Selling on-line for 20 years

• I do two things, Sell and Test new product ideas 

My main questions?
• Does anybody care about my product?
• What is working

I believe in the
• 200 visitor rule, if you can get 200 interested visitors to your website and you have something clearly labeled for sale and a clean line of purchase you should be able to sell 1 item. This is my target
• Re-purpose your existing content

• Over next 15 minutes I will do a demo on taking an existing pdf file and turn it into a product, host it and sell it on one of my blogs

• I Sell on and many other places

• Demo Gumroad: Electronic bucket, handles hosting, sales page, delivery, e-commerce, deposit money in bank, Gumroad. com is free.

You can sell pdf files, mp4, mp3 audio, zip files, clipart, small courses, and physical products

Gumroad has a variety of sales and pricing options from free to subscriptions, to pay what you want

Gumroad takes care of all the backend. They take 5% +$.25
Designed for selling simple products very easily

Sign in to
Show monthly sales, yearly sales, sell your products on a variety of sites including YouTube
2 kinds of products,    
   - Stand alone products, pdf, video, courses
   - Product Sketching

Today we are going to learn how to make, using the pdf file from Book Marketing Checklist, and sell it on line
• New Product • Add product, upload • Digital product • Name product
• Choose file, upload from computer

• Customize your product
   - add cover picture, could be a video
   - add text, I am using the back cover text
   - add $, also pay what you want options, add a +
   - pdf stamp

• Publish
   - add category, add tags, Book Marketing, Self publishing, Kindle,

Product is live, is a great place to testing a product, product sketching

• Sharing the product, Tweet, FaceBook, set up an easy Affiliate program.

• Add the product to
   - Make a blog post
   - Add, text, picture, and embed code-customize the button, publish
   - Give it some Google love

• Add a product ad on the side of the blog, I market my books by wrapping ads around book content, Content Marketing
• Blogger Layout: Title, sales line, image, 225pixels, link, publish
• Show overlay for selling

• Add an Affiliate Link, simplest link

• Close: This is a way to sell simple pdf files, video, audio, small courses. Make a small product and test, see what happens, then adjust.
• Visit Blog for additional info

Check out for more info

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