Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Do You Have an Author/Book Blog? You Should, Great Place to Focus Your Marketing

Do you have an author/book blog or website? They make great homes for your book marketing efforts. In today's Publishing Mastery 101 podcast I talk about what you should have and why. I also feature an author Kevin Grant and his Nelish Quest author website.

Here is Kevin Grant Nelish Quest book sit mentioned in the podcast. Kevin has all the parts, about the author, characters, the book-with links to Amazon and shop for some repurposing of his content.
Visit at NelishQuest.com

Notice the video front and center along with the main character. You are engaged right away

All the parts that you basically need for a good Author/Book website

This website includes all the parts that you need

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

You Can Embed a Preview of Your Amazon Book on Your Website

Here is something I did not know, you can embed a preview of your Amazon Kindle book on your website. this is a great way to highlight your book and make it super easy for people to buy. They give you either the URL for the boo or the Embed code which I like and gives you what you see below. If you click on Preview you can preview the book contents. Or click Buy to purchase. How cool is this.