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How to Create Your Books Media Kit for a Book Launch

How to Create Your Book's Media Kit for a Launch.
In this Self-Publishing Manual training, I show you how to create all the graphics and swipe files you will need for launching your book.

In this video, I cover how to make a flat book cover shots, 3D book, and headshots of you and your book. These are super easy to make. We then go to your books swipe file which has your book description, author bio, Amazon book links, social media links and any other info you might need to launch your book.

J. Bruce Jones is an international best-selling author. He has created or authored over 40 published books. The Self-Publishing Manual shares Bruce's secrets from over 30 years of graphic design and publishing.

The Self-Publishing Manual is available at

Friday, December 28, 2018

The Book Launch Checklist for Launching Your Self-Published Book

Learn the Steps for Launching Your Self-Published Book

Pulling from my book, The Self-Publishing Manual, Create and Publish Your Own Print and e-Book, I walk you through the steps for Pre-Launching, Launching and Post-Book Launching your book.

Self-Publishing Book Launch Checklist

It is time to get your book out into the world. Use social media and all your connections (your platform) to highlight and showcase your book. Let people know your book is published. Be sure to include a live web link from any posts back to the Amazon sales page so people can buy your book. Here are some basic steps you can take.

Pre-Book Launch Day

1. Write Out Your Launch Plan, prepare a calendar
• Research some other book launches and their descriptive text for inspiration on how to write yours. Google “how to run a successful book launch”

2. Prepare a media kit with launch graphics: this is your library of elements for launching your book.
The media kit should include all the graphics assets you will need to promote your book. JPG images of your book cover, flat and 3D. Your headshot, a good book and author description, a book trailer video for YouTube and your blog. Have a physical copy of the paperback version to hold up in photos.
• Includes a good book description and author bio. All the links for your book on Amazon and anywhere else
• Have a links list of your Social Media and web properties for easy access.
• Create a book trailer video. This can be posted on Amazon and in your Amazon Author Central Account

3. Work on building an e-mailing list, increasing your platform, and getting greater exposure. Pre-release a pdf version of your book. Use several chapters as a lead magnet to attract subscribers.

4. Set up your Amazon Author Central Page. Link your book, update your bio, add images and videos once the book is published.

5. Set up some launch day interviews. Develop some articles based on your book that you can post on a blog. Develop a virtual book tour. This should be an ongoing effort while you are writing your book. Develop connections to influencers in your market, join Facebook groups, Twitter, Bloggers. Build a Dream 100 of influencers.

6. Set up a Launch Team. Team members should purchase a copy of the book and post an honest review on Amazon. Try to have some international members. This will be helpful on launch day.

7. Prepare an Event for Launch Day. Using a Facebook Group and Facebook Live you can hold a live summit with experts. Have additional training around your topic. Take questions. Host an and broadcast a party.

8. Prepare for Launch Day
• Make a launch video, “What I have (my new book), What it includes (table of contents), What I want you to do (where to get it, Amazon)”
• Prepare all your links for handy access, Twitter, Facebook groups, websites, social media sites
• Have a swipe file with a series of pre-written announcements for social media, different lengths. Be sure to have the Amazon book link in the announcements.
• Media kit ready
• Launch team ready to go, access to announcement swipe file and media kit.
• Blog announcement ready
• Record a couple of interviews that you can post, prepare for a Facebook Live broadcast
• Have a physical copy of the book that you can hold up in interviews
• Have pictures of you holding your book.
• Write a Press Release

Look for local media in your community. There are local newspapers, magazines, websites, libraries all around you. They love it when a hometown author releases a new book story.

Book Launch Day

1. Make sure your book is live on Amazon and can be purchased, buying a copy will start the ranking.

2. Announce the Release your new book, live video works well for this. Post in all your social media channels. Include your Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube.

3.  Post your book launch notices everywhere you can. Release your announcement video and a book trailer video, Blog the announcement, Facebook Live and posts. All social media. Send the announcement to your e-mail list. Blast out as much as you can. Ask for everyone’s support.
• Be sure all posts are linked to the book’s Amazon sales page.
• Update all of your online bios and listings.
• Use your announcement swipe file to speed up posting

4. Your Launch Team should also be posting on their social media sites. Send your swipe to file to all Team members.

5. Create an event if possible, make the launch fun. Do interviews. Show behind the scenes. Do some special training.

6. Thank your fans for buying your book, build social proof. Ask for reviews. Like and Repost any comments.

Screenshot your books Amazon Ranking

7. Record your book’s rank progress on Amazon with screenshots. This is located in the Product Details area of the Amazon book page.
• Continue to post updates about your progress during the day, post screenshots of any progress on Amazon in your social media sites.

8. In the evening do another round of launch notices. Encourage people to push you over the top if you are getting close to a #1 Category ranking. Also look at the Hot New Releases for rankings.
• Be sure to screen capture all results. Amazon updates every hour. The rankings do not last that long on Amazon, so pay attention. You can use these screenshots for marketing. Your Team can be very helpful in monitoring Amazon and grabbing screenshots.

Give your book out to current and potential customers. Your book is now your brochure or business card. People don’t throw away books. Make sure all your contact info and services are in your book.

Post-Book Launch

1. Thank your fans again for their support. Do this on social media, maybe add a thank you video. Be sure to include the book link to Amazon.

2. Follow up on international sales, sometimes they happen the next day.

3. Announce the launch again on social media.

4. Post the results of how high you got in the Amazon rankings. Did you get bestseller?

5. Update all your bio’s, profiles and listings on your social media sites that you have a new book and maybe new best-seller. Update your blog author bio.

6. Start posting sections of your book on your blog. Include a short bio and sales line with links to Amazon on everyone.

7. Drop an ad for your book around the blog postings. Use the power of Google to bring visitors to your site using your book’s content. There are free blogs and websites you can use.

8. Save your new book as a pdf file and use it as a lead magnet to continue your marketing. Give your book away in exchange for someone signing up to your email list.

On your website set up an email sign-up box to gather email names. Using a service like or, you can set up an auto-responder series that sends out emails with some of your book’s content and links to the book sales page on Amazon.

There are many companies you can use to manage your email list.

J. Bruce Jones is an international best-selling author. He has created or authored over 40 published books. The Self-Publishing Manual shares Bruce's secrets from over 30 years of graphic design and publishing.

Click below to check out the book on Amazon

Launching The Self-Publishing Manual, Create and Publish Your Own Print and e-Book

Launching The Self-Publishing Manual, Create and Publish Your Own Print and e-Book

Bruce introduces his new book and the upcoming book launch in the How to Publish Your Book Facebook Group. Over the next several weeks I will be conducting a series of training broadcasts on all aspect of launching my new book.

The Self-Publishing Manual Ranked at #3 in Electronic Documents

What is amazing is that this video pushed my book from #225 to # 3 on Amazon in Electronic Documents and #12 in Book Design. What is unusual is that most people do book launches with Kindle e-books and price them at $.99. I did this with a $30 paperback book. A huge thank you to all. I think it is partly the power of having an engaged platform and active fans. And having a much better book title that tells you exactly what the book is about. Having a platform to launch your book into is essential. I recommend using video to promote your books in any way that you can

You can check out the book on Amazon

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Tons of New Content Being Released into the Public Domain Area January 1, 2019

As of January 1, all works published in the US in 1923 will be in the public domain. We have been waiting 21 years for this date to happen in the copyright world. This will include poems by Robert Frost, and films by Cecil B. Demille. It includes books, musical compositions, paintings, poems, films, and photographs. There has been a 20 year freezing of content and that is ending a New Years. This also means we have tons of new content to make into books, films, and songs.

You can read more about it on the site.
For The First Time in More Than 20 Years, Copyrighted Works Will Enter the Public Domain

Mentioned in the article
HathiTrust Digital Library

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Where Do I Self-Publish My Book?

Where Do I Publish My Book?
The main self-publishing path leads to Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Kindle publishes both e-books and paperback–print-on-demand books. You create your book using programs like MS-Word, Adobe InDesign and PowerPoint. Once that is complete you create a cover. The two files are upload to Files get reviewed for any technical issues but not editorial. Once approved, you hit publish and you are a published author. Now starts the hard part, marketing and selling your book. With self-publishing, everything is under your control. You keep all the rights to your content.

There are also many other outlets for publishing your book.  Sites such as,, Barns & Noble Press,,,, and and more. The message here is that you can publish your book when and how you want and under your own control.

Resources, Self-Publishing:

E-Book Publishers, the main e-book site, an e-book reader, free, distributes e-books to over 80 outlets and devices, free,
Draft 2, free,

Print-on-Demand Paperback Books
•, paperback, print-on-demand, a division of Amazon, free,

Combination of Paperback, Hard Cover and e-books
These companies offer a variety of options including e-book, print, spiral/coil binding, saddle stitch/staples and pdf with distribution options, print-on-demand, world’s largest book distributor to book and gift stores, some fees,, similar to KDP.Amazon but with more printing options, paperback, hardcover, spiral, saddle, free,
•  Barnes & Noble Press, formally Nook Press, a new, revised publishing platform from Barnes & Noble, now offering print, e-book and a possible relationship with their stores if you can sell 1,000 books over a year., a variety of different pay packages, fee,
Books-A-Million D.I.Y. with BAM! Publishing, write, publish, print and distribute in print or e-book,
•, photo and art books, free,

Book Printer with Access to Bookstore Distribution, print-on-demand, world’s largest book distributor to book and gift stores, some fees,

Excerpt from my new book, The Self-Publishing Manual: Create and Publish Your Own Print or e-Book, by J. Bruce Jones. To get a PDF version Click Here

The Self-Publishing Manual is Now Available on, Please click here to buy the book 

Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Self Publishing Manual Create and Publish Your Print and eBook Updates

The Self Publishing Manual Create and Publish Your Print and eBook Updates

News on my progress for my Publishing Manual. The book has been update, and edits complete. I have now printed out and bound a color copy to do a final review of the book before I upload to KDP.Amazon. You can still pick up a pre-published edition by clicking on the cover over on the right.

The new edition covers the changes that have been going on this year with KDP.Amazon and CreateSpace. Exciting stuff is coming in the self publishing world.

To pick up a pdf pre-publication copy, Click Here

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Creating Your Own Journal Empire

Creating Your Own Journal Empire

A friend of mine. Rebecca Holman, recently hit an amazing goal. Her goal was to create 2,000 journals. She succeeded this fall with 2,001 journals and low content books on Amazon. Low content books are journals, coloring books, template books, planners, blank comic books that you can use to create your own stories.

Out of this effort she created a course called Journal Tsunami 2.0 about how to do it. The course covers how to Research Your Market, Create Books Quickly, Uploading them to Amazon and then Do it Again. The course is fill with Templates, training, layouts, images and more.

Journal Tsunami 2.0 Course Covers

  • Looking at the Low Content Market
  • The opportunity and how to get started
  • What makes the books so awesome
  • The tools to use
  • Watch as she creates a 190 page book in under 10 minutes
  • Creating covers

To learn more about Rebecca's Journal Tsunami 2.0 course Click Here (Affiliate Link).

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Interview with The Good Life Coach Podcast and Michele Lamoureux on Self-Publishing

Interview with The Good Life Coach Podcast and Michele Lamoureux on Self-Publishing

Big thanks to Michele Lamoureux for asking me to appear on The Good Life Podcast recentlyu. We talk about self publishing and how to get started with your book.

Key Takeaways:
• The difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing
• The main companies where you can self-publish your book
• Which types of books are best suited for self-publishing vs a traditional route
• Bruce explains how and why he got started with his writing at 53 years old
• How to build your authority using a book you created
• The people who tend to choose self-publishing or traditional and why
• Where you can find an illustrator if you need one
• The first step you need to take to begin
• How to begin writing and outline your book to make the process simpler
• The cost range to self-publish a book
• Where to find editors, designers, etc, to help you with all of the pieces of the puzzle

You can listen to the podcast here

To listen to on iTunes Click Here

Monday, December 3, 2018

Equipment I Use for Creating My Online Training and Marketing Videos

Equipment I Use for Creating My Online Training and Marketing Videos

I had an excellent question come in today on what were the tools and products that I use for creating my training and marketing videos. I have made a lot of videos over the years and have tried to keep my equipment to a minimum and as affordable as possible. Ok here we go.

Computer: I use an iMac, 27" Apple computer. I love the big screen, but you can easily do this with any Apple laptop or smaller iMacs. The Mac computers just work great. If you were upgrading just get a computer with a lot of storage. Video takes up a lot of space. I think I have a terabyte of memory.

Camera: Most of my videos are shot with the iSight Camera that comes with my computer. It works just fine for creating most of my videos. I will occasionally use a Logitech C920 camera. They are excellent. They also have a mic in them but I tend to use the Blue Yeti instead.
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 Camera. USB plug in, $49-$100

Use the camera in your pocket. Your iPhone or Android phone works just great. The camera and the mic are more than fine. I recommend getting a little tripod to hold the camera and keep it steady. Find a quiet spot, record your video and move it over to your computer for editing.
Tripod, I have one of these Paladinz Phone tripods. It is lightweight, holds your phone, expands to 42". Pick it up at Amazon for about $15.00

Microphone: My go to mic is a Blue Yeti. It is a pretty standard USB microphone. It plugs right into the computer. I also use the mic that comes with the iMac, it is also excellent. The Blue Yeti gives a little deeper, richer sound.
Blue Yeti USB Microphone, $119

Lighting. I use a simple clamp on painters light with an LED bulb from Home Depot or Amazon. Super cheap and easy. Clamp it to a shelf, bounce the light off the wall and you are ready to go. There are lots of great lighting kits that are also very cheap. There is the Cowboy Lighting and Video Studio for under $80. Just swap out the bulbs and replace with LED lights. Keeps the temperatures a lot cooler.
Cowboy Lighting Kits keep your lighting simple.

Screenflow for video editing

Editing Software: Hands down the best video recording and editing program is Screenflow on a Mac. It only comes on a Mac. What is great about it. Super easy to use for recording and exporting the final mp4 files. None of the complicated stuff of Adobe Premier. It is a linear editing application, affordable and has plenty of features. It also records two tracks of video, that is why you can see my face on the screen. Everything can move around, easy to change. Easy to add additional images and more video. On the PC people use Camtasia, it is fine and will a good job. But if you are making a bunch of training videos then Screenflow is the best. Worth buying an iMac just to use this program.
ScreenFlow is available from Telestream, Mac only, $129
Camtasia, available from TechSmith, $249, PC or Mac

Video Hosting: I use to host video if it is not hosted in my course site. You can also use YouTube and it works great. Why Vimeo? Because I have control over it. A year ago I got suspended from YouTube for some mystery community violation. What I have figured out is that is was for putting web links in my training videos. I like to give people the resources for what I teach. But that seems to be against YouTube these days. In fact you won't see any web links at all in any video from YouTubers these days. Ok to put them in the description area, but not on the video. I still use YouTube, but not so much anymore. I host everything on Vimeo where I pay to have control. Vimeo is not a place to host videos if you want people to find you through video, that is YouTube. Vimeo is a hosting site for video, I will host here and then use the embed code to put them on my blogs. They are excellent at hosting. $240/year free

Video Conference, Webinar, Training: I use for online video training with a group of people or for a 1 on 1 session. It is a fantastic program that just works. Has great screen share and chat if you are doing training or a group video hosting. If you buy the bigger package you can also stream through Facebook live. Another cool thing about Zoom is that it records both a video recording and an audio recording. A lot of people use it for recording podcasts with a video backup.

For Facebook Lives I use Belive.TV. It is a great little product for broadcasting through Facebook. Facebook Live is pretty good but with Belive.TV you can screen share for training. You can do interviews. It has lower thirds and the ability to add graphics to your screen. You can so solo interviews, interviews or talk shows-which is really screen share. You can download the video for hosting somewhere else.,  $14.99/month $20/month

Training and Course Hosting: I use It works pretty well. I understand it now. You can host as many courses as you want there. I have the middle package. If I want to do something quick with just a couple of videos or pdfs, I will also use It is a great little site for selling products and videos on line. $38/month free or $10/month

Come over and join the How to Publish Your Book Facebook Group, a community of 4,000 authors all publishing books.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

What Do I Do? Self-Publish or Traditional Publishing?

What Do I Do? Self-Publish or Traditional Publishing?

This is a big one and a question I am often asked. There are two main routes, traditional publishing or self-publishing.

To go the traditional publishing route, you will generally need an agent. Not always but often, and it is the agent that approaches the publisher. This can be a difficult, and long journey. Publishing is a business and they want books that come with an audience and will sell. I am not a fan of this route. If you have a big following, then it is possible, but for most of us this route is very hard.  In traditional publishing your publisher gains control over your rights and content. If you control your rights you control your content. I teach using your book’s content for marketing and selling. I also want you to create other products by re-purposing your content. This isn’t available to you if you give up your rights and go with a traditional publisher. The author retains ownership and control of their rights and content. One of the best decisions Amazon made. The copyright stays with the author.

I am a huge fan and supporter of self-publishing. Self-publishing before had a bad taste to it, but not anymore. If you want to publish a book; you can publish a book. It is being done all over the place with great success. The gatekeepers have fallen. We have Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP),, and more. No one is going to say no to you publishing your book. It is all up to you. Self-publishing has become easier and easier to do and very often free. For self-publishers the world is opening up.

The writers I know, who have gone the more the traditional route, have found success with smaller, more focused publishers. Publishers who know their market and can work with an author. For me it comes down to control. Who controls the rights and uses to our content? I like being able to use my content anyway that I want.


  • No one can say no. If you want to publish your book, you can publish
  • Faster to market. I have done books in one weekend
  • Control of your content, you keep your copyright, this is super important
  • You can re-purpose your content for marketing. Create other products such as workbooks and journals. Make podcasts and videos
  • Free to publish or close to it. You pay the costs to edit, design and format your book, free if you do it yourself
  • You will have to market your book yourself. But even with most publishers these days you will have to handle the marketing
  • Higher royalties, estimate $2.50-$3.50+ vs. $.70 for traditional publishing

Traditional Publishing

  • You will need an agent to approach a publisher
  • Lots of people can and will say no to publishing your book
  • It can take a year to create and release your book
  • You loose your copyright and your rights to control your content
  • You will not be able to re-purpose your content. The publisher owns your material. This is important in marketing your book. You want to be able to use your content how you want
  • Publisher will do the production work for your project. Don’t pay a publisher to publish your book. 
  • You will most likely still have to handle all the marketing yourself. This can be a challenge because your publisher now controls your content and may not like your ideas.
Excerpt from my new book, The Self-Publishing Manual: Create and Publish Your Own Print or e-Book, by J. Bruce Jones. To get a PDF version Click Here

The Self-Publishing Manual is Now Available on, Please click here to buy the book 

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Is Your Book Going to be Paperback, Hardcover, e-Book or 
All the Above?

Is Your Book Going to be Paperback, Hardcover, e-Book or 
All the Above?

Not something you think about when you start writing the book. But this question comes into play as you start to think about the publishing. Depending on where you want to take your book, the design and layout will change. E-books, you will stay in MS-Word or Google Docs for writing and Kindle for publishing, images will be 72 dpi. Paperback you will be looking at the print side of Kindle and using Adobe InDesign for layout. Hardcover books, for publishing, along with InDesign for layout and production. We start out writing but as we progress we will take different paths. We will cover more of this as we work through this book.

Excerpt from my new book, The Self-Publishing Manual: Create and Publish Your Own Print or e-Book, by J. Bruce Jones. To get a PDF version Click Here

The Self-Publishing Manual is Now Available on, Please click here to buy the book 

What Kind of Book are You Creating? A Novel, How to Book, Children’s Book, Picture Book, Coloring Book, Poetry Book, Business Book or Cook Book?

What Kind of Book are You Creating? A Novel, How to Book, Children’s Book, Picture Book, Coloring Book, Poetry Book, Business Book or Cook Book?

This question can open up all kinds of questions. It is usually a question I ask when I have my graphic designer hat on. It tells me what software to recommend and how to start preparing your artwork for the project. If you are going all text, then you are using MS-Word or Google Docs. If you are creating a book with a lot of design and images. We would talk about InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Or freelance illustrators or designers. This question is very much of a ‘how to’ type of question.

Excerpt from my new book, The Self-Publishing Manual: Create and Publish Your Own Print or e-Book, by J. Bruce Jones. To get a PDF version Click Here

The Self-Publishing Manual is Now Available on, Please click here to buy the book 

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Uploading Your Book's Interior and Cover PDF Files to KDP.Amazon for Publishing

Uploading Your Book's Interior and Cover PDF Files to KDP.Amazon for Publishing

After you have created your book's interior and cover PDF files you need to upload them to KDP.Amazon for publishing and selling. We use to send these files to CreateSpace, but now after the merging of CreateSpace and KDP.Amazon, it is KDP.Amazon. The process is pretty close to the old way but there are some differences. The form is a little cleaner and they have a new digital proofing process and more keywords.

Here is a video I put together on how to do it.

Uploading InDesign Book Interior and Cover PDF Files to KDP Amazon from Bruce Jones on Vimeo.

Check out the new journal at The Frog Journal, on Amazon

Visit to upload your own book.

Preparing Your InDesign PDF File for KDP.Amazon

Preparing Your InDesign PDF Interior and Cover Book Files for Uploading on KDP.Amazon. This video shows you how to make your book's interior and cover pdf files from your InDesign files.

Everything has changed recently in the self-publishing world with the merging of CreateSpace into KDP.Amazon. CreateSpace was the print-on-demand side of Amazon. It is where we went to get our paperback books published. It has now be combined into the KDP site. Do we call it KDP or Kindle? I don't know but it is all under on roof. The process is still basically the same. 

Here is a video on how to save your interior and cover InDesign book files for KDP. In the next post I will take you through the uploading process, which is similar but now has some different things. 

Preparing Your InDesign PDF Book Files for Uploading on KDP.Amazon from Bruce Jones on Vimeo.

Come over and join my Facebook publishing community, How to Publish Your Book, great place to ask questions.

To learn how to upload the files please visit

Where Are You in the Process? Are You Starting Out 
or Is the Book Complete?

Where Are You in the Process? Are You Starting Out 
or Is the Book Complete? 

The process of writing of each book is unique. But they all begin with sitting down and doing the hard work of getting your thoughts and ideas down. Along with words, we will also need pictures, illustrations or charts for our books.

There are many different ways to write a book. You can sit at a computer, or legal pad, you can also dictate or record it using audio or video and then transcribe. There is no correct way; there is only your way. I am not an expert on writing; I am an expert on creating the book. I didn’t learn how to write until I was 53 and I have now created over 40 of my own books and many more for others. All I know is keep going, do not stop, keep trying and you will get there. Write a little bit every day.

The goal is, you have to finish. But you do not have to be perfect, that is why we have editors. This is one of the biggest lessons I have learned from being a graphic designer. Our job is to create the ideas and story. The editor and graphic designers are to clean the story up and create the book's aesthetics.

One of the hardest, but most important things I have learned in writing my books, push the publish button. Release my ideas to the world. When you do, it can be a transformative experience. I find that writing and publishing can be the fulfillment of a dream that you might not know you even had.

Many people come to me and say, I am done with the writing. I don’t know where to start the creating and publishing the book? Let’s see if I can answer a few of those questions and get you through the process.

Excerpt from my new book, The Self-Publishing Manual: Create and Publish Your Own Print or e-Book, by J. Bruce Jones. To get a PDF version Click Here

The Self-Publishing Manual is Now Available on, Please click here to buy the book 

Friday, November 2, 2018

Marketing Your Book Using Simple Book Trailer Videos

Book Trailer Video Marketing Basics, Use Video to Promote Your Book from Bruce Jones on Vimeo.

Hi, I am Bruce Jones and this article is on marketing your book with video marketing, so one of the questions I see floating around in a couple of the publishing groups I am in, was how to get started marketing your book using video and somebody was talking about it was just too complicated. There were too many things to do. So what I want to do is just show you in this video how quickly how you can make a simple book trailer video and then get your video marketing going. So this is real bare bones, bottom level, but we'll just create the book trailer video and put it in the different places and show you what you can do. Videos are great if you're sort of launching your book. I'm going to use this book. There's one of my older books. This was probably. Oh I don't know. How old is this book? This book goes back to 2011. So this is probably old book and you can always put a video out about your books and sort of re promote it. 

Re-energize it. Alright, so what I'm going to do is just go into my Mac. I'm on a Mac and built into the Mac or you can use your phone or whatever you want to do. I'm just going to bring up one of the applications Photo Booth. Photo Booth makes the video super quick and easy and just looks like this. 

I want three things in my video. 

1. I want to say what I've got. So this is my book. 

2. What we'll will do, I'm just gonna talk a little bit about the insides, the benefits

3. what I want you to do. That's the call to action. What's next? 

So you want to tell people where to go or what to do, how to get it. So let's go. We'll just make a quick video. 

We'll load it up on Youtube and then just show you how to get going with video marketing. Alright. So we're just going to. This Photo Booth, if you have a Mac you will find it in the Applications folder. We're just making that quick picture to. This is a great way to make a quick promo shot. Like that, you have a picture just like that. If you don't like it, then do it over and over again the way you want. All right, the bottom here, you'll see a picture and you can also do all kinds of cool special effects to. This is the video one. So I'm just gonna Click on video number one. I've got what, uh, what it will do and what I want you to do next. 

Making the Video

Hi Bruce Jones here, and I'm just talking today about my World Regional Maps Coloring Book. This is one of my favorite books, it is a bestselling books and it's a book of maps that you can color. It has all the different regions of the world including the Middle East, the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, the continents of Antarctica and Arctic and all around. The book is set up with maps that are easy to color. You can photocopy them. They have names, city names in every map. Also has outline maps, so you have all the different versions all built into one book. Check it out, it's available at Amazon and the link will be somewhere around here. All right, see you next time. Bye. Bye. 

That's it. All right. Pretty simple. Pretty, pretty simple and that no editing. Just going to pull it off right here and I just talked to say about by world. There it is. Save the file to your desktop. Give your video a good name. That's especially an important for Youtube. The names are searchable. Pull that off of there. 

Here we go. World regional map coloring book. Okay, video is done. Let's go to YouTube. I'm going to bring up YouTube. You have a YouTube account, if you have a Gmail account. I'm just going to go right up here where it says create a video or post upload a video and we just have to drag the video to there and it's going to upload. Now for the description, this book is already published, but I can use my book description from Amazon, but I'm just going to go over here. 

While that's uploading, I'm just going to grab the description right here off of my Amazon book page. Here it is. I'm dropping it in here. This is. This is how fast can I put a video up and then I'm going to take this link. This Is the link for the book right there and we're just going to say check out the book at Amazon and just put the link below it. That's it. World Regional Map Coloring Book available on Amazon, right? That's pretty cool. Oh, some tags will do. World regional maps. World maps, a regional and rural regional. See Us maps, maps, Africa maps. 

You can always come back and add more keywords, better description etc. Your Color mapped coloring book. Cool, right. That's good enough for the moment. And uh, we'll let that be. We're going to hit publish, pressing this button and it is done. It published. Looks like everything is good. 

On to Video Marketing

There it is. Okay, so now we have published the video. I'm just going to remember this link right here and now we're going to do the video marketing. So this is how simple this can be done. All right, so I'm just going to go to facebook. So let me go show you the map or the videos. So here it is on Youtube. And right over here there's a share button. So now the object is to just spread it around to the world and then also use it. So if you have a blog, you can put this on your book page or a website. This is just the little promo video that goes on it. We have a Facebook page, you put it there, put on Pinterest, put it on Twitter. 

So let's just do that. Let's just spread it around. So I'm just going to go to share and use of all these here. These little share buttons that you can go in and you probably are already members of all these places. You have a YouTube address here and you also have an embed code if you're going into a blog, depending how it's gonna work. So we're just going to use, we're just going to do sort of the basic stuff, so let's just go and put it up on twitter. So we'll just go to twitter. Log in. 

It's been posted. I didn't do anything, so that was pretty easy. I should have put a little message in there. Um, let's do it again. So I'm going to do the coloring. All color, all the world. Okay. We're on Twitter. I have a Pinterest board or Pinterest site, so we'd go to Pinterest. And so here we are on Pinterest. Just pick what board. I'm have a bunch of boards. You can go figure out how to do that, but Pinterest gets a huge amount of traffic. I almost get more traffic on Pinterest than I do on some of my sites. Let's just put this in. Oh, we'll put it in here. We can edit this a little bit. World regional maps coloring book available on Amazon called the world. You can spend more time making it better words, but it's fine for the moment. It's good. Put it in here. Done Pinterest. Look at that. We're just spreading it around. Let's come back. Facebook. All right, so we can post automatically to Facebook or I can take this link. Someone do that. Take this link right here. I'm going to go to facebook and I had my how to publish your book facebook group. So we're just going to go there and uh, working on, uh, how to use video marketing for your bucks. Sample sample book, trailer, trailer, video, post that. It'll grab the link. 

There it is. The goal here is create a simple video. YouTube has have all of these different share buttons on what it is. So there's lots here to choose from. But the goal here is create a simple video however you do it. Your phone is perfect. That little Photo Booth that's built into our iMac is perfect. Whatever you have, just create a simple video. What I've got, what it will do, and what do you want me to do next? Just talk about your book, show the pages. I made a 40 second video, but it could certainly be longer, should be longer, and then spread it to all the places that you have your blog or website, your Facebook group, your Twitter, all that kind of stuff, and you can do this over and over again. Today isn't just a one time thing. You can go to the share button everyday and post something. You could send different messages, you can put it different places. And these little links can go in lots of places. All right, hope that helps. I'm Bruce Jones and uh, get going with your book trailer video. Alright, bye. Bye

Come over and learn more at

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Interview with Curtis Battles and His Book Occupation Fermentation, The Secrets to Building a Successful Craft Beer Business

Had a great conversation recently with Curtis Battles of Craft Beer Insights, about his upcoming book Occupation Fermentation, The Secrets to Building a Successful Craft Beer Business. We talk about using Zoom for connecting, our backgrounds and then we get into his new book on building a successful craft bear business. 

We go deep into ideas for design, marketing the book, building his business, blogging and repurposing your book content for more products. We ramble around a bit but a lot of fun. Thank you Curtis for letting me recording and posting the conversation.

Interview w/ Curtis Battle About Occupation Fermentation, The Secrets to Building a Successful Craft Beer Business from Bruce Jones on Vimeo.

You can learn more about Curtis and his new book at

Monday, October 8, 2018

Celebrate with our New I am a Best Selling Author, Mugs

Celebrate your book publishing success with our new "I am a Best Selling Author" mugs. Ready for 11oz of coffee heaven. Image is on the front and back of the mug. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Click here to purchase I am a Best Selling Author

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

CreateSpace is Closing and All Books are Moving to Kindle Direct Publishing

This is the big news that we have been waiting for. We have been watching the signs for a while. Kindle has been adding services and support around their new print side. This September Amazon announced the closing of and the moving of all books

You can either do this process yourself when you get the notice or CreateSpace will move your books for you if you do nothing. This is being rolled out across their customers, so watch for your notice. I got my notices a while back and today I moved my books over to Kindle. It was seamless and took about 5 minutes, start to finish. The only thing that doesn't move are covers that you made using CreateSpace Cover creator. You will need to remake them with the Kindle Cover Creator.

Once the books are ported over you will need to match your print book up with your ebook if you have versions of both. It is pretty easy to do. If you didn't have a KDP account, Kindle will create one for you and you will have to enter your bank and tax information in order to get paid. The other thing that is different are the sales reports and they actually are a little better I think. We have an historical report now that is pretty cool.

I am excited to see what kinds of services they will adding. Already they have some pretty good support videos on how to use their site. Here is a quick video I put together on how to move your books from CreateSpace to Kindle.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

How to Block Out Your Children’s Text and Picture Book Illustrations

I had a great training session this morning with an author on how to block out her children's book with text and illustrations. This exercise gives you a quick idea of what the parts are and how they work together. I think this is a vital step in planning your book. 

We did this in Google Docs using the Table feature, INSERT > TABLE and then expanded the table to the size of the intended drawing. She was very gracious in allowing me to record the session

How to Block out Your Children's Text and Picture Book from Bruce Jones on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Self-Publishing Manual Pre-Release PDF Copy

The Self-Publishing Manual, Pre-Publishing Release

"I want to publish my book but I don't know how to do it, please help me." 

In my How to Publish Your Book Facebook Group I get some version of this question more than any other. Usually the book is written and that is as far as the author has gotten. The question is where do I start? What do I do? How do I publish my book? I have just published, now what do I do? These are really big and often confusing questions. So, let’s dive in and see if I can give you some direction and the basic overview of how you can publish your book.
The Self-Publishing Manual, Create and Publish Your Own Print or e-Book, is an updated and revise version of my previous how to publish your book publication. So much has change in the past few months. CreateSpace, which was our go to site for publishing and selling paperback books on Amazon, has been merged into KDP.Amazon. This is a total rewrite, all updated for using KDP/Amazon/Kindle. Lots of new marketing info, more in-depth e-book. This version is the pre-publication version. All the updates are in and I am doing the final edits.

Part 1. Key Publishing Questions. Part 1 takes you through many of the basic questions that people ask about publishing their book. I talk about where to publish, what is print-on-demand, what is an ISBN number, KDP.Amazon, Kindle and how does copyright work.

Part 2. Writing, Creating and Publishing Your Book. Part 2 is an overview of the creating and publishing process. I have broken it down into 12 steps. We start with creating the content. Then print or e-book, what is involved and how do you do it, interior and cover. We move to publishing your book, how and where it is done and then one of my favorite topics, re-purposing your content for additional revenue. Includes the Self-Publishing Checklist.

Part 3. The Bonus Section. In the bonus section I cover four topics; how to launch your book as an Amazon best seller with a Best Seller Check List, expanded with more tips and ideas. How to create a book quickly using my Top Ten Technique and we wrap-up with a resource list.

Part 1. Key Questions to Ask Before You Begin
• Where Are You in The Process? Are You Just Starting Out or is the Book Complete?
• What Kind of Book Are You Creating, Novel, How To, Children’s, Picture, Coloring, 
Poetry, Business, Cookbook?
• Is Your Book Going to Be Paperback, Hardcover, E-Book or All the Above?
• Which Do I Do, Self-Publish or Traditional Publish My Book?
• Where Do I Publish My Book?
• Self-Publishing Sites Comparison Chart
• What is Print-on-Demand Printing?
• What is KDP.Amazon/Kindle Print?
• Why Does Kindle/Amazon want My Tax and Bank Account Info?
• What is an e-Pub?
• What Programs Should I Use to Create My Book?
• What Programs Should I use to Create a Picture/Children’s Book?
• Can I Create a Hardcover Book?
• Can My Book Be in Bookstores?
• How Do I Get My Book in Bookstores?
• How Do I Make an Audio Book?
• Are You Publishing Primarily in the US or Worldwide?
• How Long Should My Book Be? 
• What is an ISBN Number?
• Do I Need to Copyright My Book?
• Who Owns the Book’s Copyright if I Publish on Amazon, Kindle/Amazon or Me?

• How Do Royalties Work?

My Story, Learning to Write at 53

Part 2. How to Write and Publish Your Book

Writing the Book
1. Writing Your Book
2. Collect Your Graphic Assets, Images, Pictures, and Charts
3. Key Elements that Every Book Should Have
4. Editing Your Book
5. Pre-Edit Printed Proof
6. Six Different Options for Publishing Your Book.

Creating the Book
7. Creating a Kindle e-book, Including a Kindle Formatting Guide
8. Creating a KDP.Amazon/Kindle Print Book, Inside and Cover
9. Creating a Quick Print Book Publishing Your Book
10. Uploading and Publishing Your Book
11. Launching and Marketing Your Book

Re-Purposing Your Book’s Content
12. Re-purposing Your Book Content for Additional Products

Self-Publishing Checklist

Part 3. Bonus Content
• Making an Amazon Best Seller
• Best Seller Checklist
• Top Ten Technique for Creating a Book

• Publishing Resources

Pick up a Pre-Release copy of the book, Click Here

Buy the Book

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How to Market and Sell Your Book Using Your Book's Content

How to Market and Sell Your Book Using Your Book's Content

Watch the Video Below to Learn How to Use Your Book Content to Promote your Book

Hi, Bruce Jones here, from the how to publish your book Facebook Group and, a blog. I am a a self published author, with over 40 books. Here's just some of them, big pile of them here, have lots of different kinds of books and we had a great question that came up on the facebook group from a member a on how to publish a book facebook group and encourage you to come on over there and join if you're seeing this video somewhere else, just search on how to publish your book facebook group or check out the details. Anyways, the comment was about on book marketing and it was about the author was starting to do a book and just wanting to give away sketches from her coloring book and um, and then some opened up a dialogue about how is this a good idea given what your content spreading the content around everybody is very protective of their content and all that kind of stuff.

So I just, in this video I wanted to show you what I do is one of the techniques I use in marketing my books of how I take my content and spread it around all over the planet and as many places as they can and uh, how I think it has been a very effective tool for marketing my books. Let me bring up my, um, bring up the website here. So this is the how to publish a book facebook group and I encourage, you know, come on over and join his great dialogue. We have a 3,500 people now and it's kind of fun. So I'm also going to highlight, um, to one of our members. Linda does zeal, I think I can never quite got to make sure I publish her. Her name right. Does the. Oh, maybe hope that's right. Um, and been very generous.

She has been doing some things that go along with this and I want to just show this also. It's not just me that's doing this and it's a very effective technique and just show you what you can do using some of the tools. So we're going to bounce around between some facebook stuff, blog stuff, um, some website stuff and just show you kind of things I do to promote and market my stuff. So what I mean by this is taking the content from your books. So let's just take one of my books. So we'll use this one. Mandela happiness. So it's just a coloring book. And what I do is I take the content from this and I release it out into the world, uh, image my image page by page, paragraph by paragraph, and then around my content, I rap, I'm ads from my own content, so I use my content, bring people to a site, and then around my content I put my own books with links to Amazon.

So just, just start a quick example. I'll just show you, this is a blog and I, and I am lax on getting back and I have too many of these things to keep them, keep up with them all. But the concept is all here. So this is the Mandela happiness coloring books. We did a series of these books. I think I did four of them. Um, and then I built a blog, this is google blogger where I took the content, put it into the blog and then put ads. So as this is, and this is free because this is a google blogger account and you can do this with free accounts. You don't have to spend any money doing this. Um, so I just post stuff about the book. I did different things, show the book being colored, you know, uh, the book launch. We had a cookout and did the, did the book launch at a cookout.

I'm just content from the book. And then around the book I added ads, if you click on them, take you to Amazon so you can buy. So the blog, the purpose of the blog is to bring people to interested people to a central location. So in this case, the Mandela happiness blog, and it brings people in here and they can see it. And then you have ads for your book. You can also set up individual pages, which I did with videos. So however you're going to do it, I believe in releasing as much of the content as you can. I'm going to show you in a second some of that stuff that I've done. Um, let's go to another one. So I did, I've done a lot of different kinds of books and one of my books is essential chords for guitar, Ukulele, a guitar and Mandolin, Ukulele and Banjo.

Use your content to bring Google visitors and then wrap ads around the edges and link to Amazon

So I just did basically I did a book that documented my learning these instruments and I did, they're just a beginner cord book and it has been selling for years. I did this, oh, I don't know, years ago. And it just keeps selling and selling and selling on Amazon. I think I did. It was the copyright on this, um, 2011. So I've been selling this book for Eighteen, seven years. So I set up a site called Acoustic Music where I took the pages I just made from the pdf file. It just took a jpeg of the page because you already had the file. Me and I set up an individual page for each book. Now web design has moved on to be very fancy and different and very different. Look, I've never changed this design since. I put it up probably back in 2012 is when I put this site up.

It's a very simple website. I learned how to do it off of Youtube. Just looking at. I didn't Dreamweaver. I'm. I'm using Hostgator is the host so accustomed me about, I don't know, $8 a month or something to host these sites and I'm gonna show you a couple of them and a very primitive but it works with very effectively. And if I just go to any page in here, I'm just going to here. You can see where I took the graphic, the page from the book. I added a little book thing at the bottom so somebody downloads this to get this chord chart. Along comes a little ad for my book, some description and then around my book I added copies, thumbnails of the book that are linked straight to Amazon. So this book has been up there a long time. I'm just going to take her.

I don't even still number 76 in Mendelssohn's and 99 and Banjo. So this book is still in 116 and made it so it's still selling for eight, nine years. This book has been up there, but it's a very simple technique to do. You can just take, especially if you have graphics, take the PDF, make an individual a jpeg. I just set up a simple website. You can do this on Wix, you can do this on a weebly, could do it any, anything you do in the blog, it doesn't really matter. Um, and then you just wrap ads, run it. I also usually will put up some kind of book selling page like so. All right. And that model it on Amazon where you have book cover author, that little video sample pages from the book links. She always want to link it. So you want to bring people to a site because they're interested in the content you have in your book and give them a clear path to Amazon just like Amazon does.

I added some related books in here so that they just stumbled on this page. Maybe they want to do something else. Um, I've done repurpose this into posters, all kinds of stuff, but this is just a technique of taking your content, put it online and um, that the world find it. It just sits here. It's simple. It's like a big advertising platform and, um, brings people to. Yup, there you go. It brings people in. Let's go and look at what Linda did. I really liked what she did. Part of what all this is about. So this is kind of a passive marketing approach. It doesn't, I don't, I'm not interacting with these clients even though I do have an email list on here and a signup for downloading a pdf with some free pages on it. Um, I do very, very little on this site.

It just sort of sits here kind of grinding away funneling people up to Amazon to find my book so that you have to sort of recreate the bookstore online that you have in reality. Let's go look at what Linda did. So Linda is an illustrator. She's written a number of books on different topics and um, they're really good. She went on horses and she did take a couple of years ago where she blogged all about the writing of the book and now she's doing it on facebook and the advantage of facebook is you're building a community that you can continually keep in contact with, so if you go to her adventures, a turbo, which is her newest book, she's basically taking you through the journey and the, the, the, the, the path of creating this book. She has videos in here showing you how she makes the illustration.

So let's just go in here for a second and look at this and I checked the Linda beforehand, so she's cool with me showing you all this, but I, but I, I really commend her producing this. She just, you just kind of continually photograph. We have phones, click, click, push it up. You know, it's not hard. You notice the tools. She's using the drawing, she's using the storyboard she's using and she's building a community of people that she can use to sell this book. When she gets to that point, look at that. See she's laid that out and get this. This is fantastic. Look at this great thing. Here's you just sort of working out the book, but she's letting you come along with it. She's taking the potential customer, the reader of this book along on a journey. So this is a great thing.

How she got it. Look at that and see she's, I mean, this is just really, really great stuff. Anybody can do this with your books. This doesn't have to be a picture book. You look at that. Everybody loves to see behind the scene studio shot. Um, what a great shot at a great, great, great picture. Look at that so you can see how this is developing. You're getting astic about her book, you can comment about a book, you can do things in and then when it comes time to sell, you can launch your book through this page. So I really think this is a fantastic model which he's doing with colors, with paper. Look at the book dummy here stuff going back to the beginning of this. And then she promoted this on different, other different groups. Like she's in the how to publish a book facebook group.

So she promoted there and bring people over. So all that is cool. Look at this. This is just the thumbnails. Lay out your storyboard for your books. This is just great. Great, great stuff. Let me show a couple of others that I've done. So I've done the music one. I've done the blog one, I've done. Um, I have some antique maps that I sell. I do the same thing. I promote different versions of things. And so notice here are just maps that people can buy. They can use them in their books, they can use them in their graphic design packaging that websites. I show every single map that I have in this collection. And then I give a clear link right here. And if you just click on this, it should go. Yep. There it goes. It goes right to the, to the patient with the video so that you can buy it.

So you're giving people, you're, you're highlighting what you have, you give them, you. So you used that to bring people interested, people searching you, Google indexes. This stuff had come. They come to your site to see what you have. Then you give them a clear path. I tend to work with my numbers. I think one percent, you're really working with one person. One percent isn't any different than direct mail and postcards and all that kind of stuff. Um, it's a very open, maybe one percent of the people who come here buy this so you can look at your numbers and you can tell very quickly how many orders you might get by what your traffic and what can you do to increase the traffic. How do you build more? Here's another site that I have called free us and world maps. So I had developed, I still do sell a large line of click art naps and used in presentations, business presentations, a homeschooling, all kinds of stuff.

And I, there were an illustrator and powerpoint, but I also put them into books like so and I took graphics all these maps and put them on a website. This website gets about 30 to 50,000 visitors a month. And let me just go to something like Mexico here. So I have ads in here for other products as in here for my books, ads in here for different kinds of things because all these people are coming to sight see it. So you can take your content and do that and bring people into your collections by just releasing the content. I also have you noticed in here every page I cross promote, I'm not worried about design on this so much. This was again done a long time ago and I'm kind of a gradually here and there. I update it. It isn't about the design, it isn't about fancy.

I want it to be as much stuff as open as possible, as easy for Google to use. Um, and then I can sell my books here and that'll bring people and they'll figure it out. I need to replace that video. But again, look at members and we did the music. We had the same model, we put some samples, links of other books, page directory, and this lets people know what I'm selling and they can bring it up because his work with text, I believe it does seem to be the last example, just show you this. So I had done my latest book was I want to publish my book but don't know how it's my manual on self publishing takes you through all the steps of what you need to do and on my site, which is just sort of all the things that I'm not bitter potentially publish everything on my facebook group, so I put it up over here, a little longer format I where I write a blog post and do things, but what I did is I took text from the book and I put here is basically have 12 steps in here and how to write a book.

You'll notice it's all right here, right? Google indexes this, it brings people over to it. I have videos, I put links, I put all kinds of stuff, and you'll notice over here on this side is a link for the book and you can go right to it. So pretty, pretty cool. Now is this, why is this work? I worked because one, because Google sees good content and brings people there because the answers questions, but also if I go into the stats and it makes sure you had some competitive statistics. Our stats package on your site, I'm using the one that's in blogger. It's like a simplified version of google analytics, but if I go inside and look at stats, and this is just sort of the stats of today. I had 54 people here. You can see this, a lot of traffic. A few days ago, something going on.

I go here, you'll notice, so here are the posts that was popular posts over the last week and here the most popular pages over the last week and you'll notice the page on from this book is the number one page. Generally it's my page and I highly recommend on any site you do like this to have a resources page of links for all kinds of stuff that is generally usually the most popular me look at my month. Yeah, resources is number one, but the texts from this book is number two is bringing people in and then how I sell books, so this text is working to bring people to the site. If people like what they see and they see the link, they go to Amazon and they can get it. So I love this technique of take your content, whether it's images or texts or you're in development. Some people write their books on their blogs, some people do like Linda's doing.

She's showing you the entire process as you go and you're taking people on a drink. People love to see the behind the scenes, see what you're doing, see how you created it and put it all up. So I hope that's helpful. Um, ask questions, have a dialogue, post comments, whatever you want to do is great. Come over to the how to publish a book facebook group. Um, make sure you sign up for that or come over to [inaudible] dot com and read my stuff and would have happened by my books. You know, they're out there all over the place and that's all right. We'll see you in the next video. Great. Bye. Bye.

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