Thursday, December 10, 2015

Learn How to Market Your Book Course is Now Free for Everyone

Hi All, just want to make a special announcement that I am releasing my How to Market Your Book course to the world for free. It is now available for anyone who signs up to my How to Publish Your Book School. For the past two years I have sold over 3,600 books each year. Learn my steps, all you have to do just sign up and you can get access to all my secrets for marketing books.

What you get in the Free course
  • General book marketing concepts, my main lessons 
  • Ideally book marketing begins the day we start writing our books. This video covers stuff to do before you release your book
  • Amazon marketing, learn to use the most powerful store in the world to promote your boo
  • Preparing for your book launch, getting your fans, platform and the market ready.
  • Everyone is trying to get an Amazon category best seller, Video 5 covers how
  • When you get right into marketing having a media kit becomes very useful. This video walks you through what you need.
  • Your book is launched and on its way but the marketing doesn’t really ever stop. In Video 7 I talk about what you can do on an ongoing basis
  • And finally we cover off-line marketing. Not everything is the web, this video covers things you can outside of the web.
  • I also cover how to set up an author/book blog/web site. This is key for giving you and your book a home base to focus your marketing on.

I am also offering my two free pdf books, the Action Plan and the Checklist

Book Marketing Checklist, I break it down to steps for each of the different tasks. 
Book Marketing Action Plan, this document gives you an outline for 3 different levels that you can work at for marketing your book. They go from simple and free to a full on book launch.

To access the free course click this link or sign up over on the right in the signup box

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Bruce Jones Interviewed on The Kindle Chronicles

I had a nice interview with Len Edgerly of The Kindle Chronicles. Len is an expert on all things Kindle. We had a great time, we talked about my progress as an author and publisher, my books and where I see publishing going.

To listen to the interview please click here, Interview with Bruce Jones for The Kindle Chronicles

Topic covered included:
  • How did you first get interested in design?
  • What is it about your work that has kept you motivated for the past three decades?
  • What topics have you published books about?
  • What is your all-time bestselling book?
  • Can you recommend a couple of titles that you have helped publish that my listeners might be interested in checking out?
  • Do you sell more print books than Kindle books?
  • How much easier is it to make an eBook with Kindle Direct Publishing than it was five years ago?
  • What could Amazon do to improve CreateSpace, based on your experience?
  • Why are coloring books for adults so popular? Tell us about your Mandala Happiness series of coloring books.
  • What do you recommend for crayons or markers for coloring?
  • How many hours of course videos have you published?
  • What things have you learned the hard way about how to make a watchable online video?
  • What have you learned about Smart Passive Income from Pay Flynn and your own work online?
  • In a session you did last week for the BackPack Video Journalism Workshop in Ghana, you emphasized the building of community. For a book author, what are some examples of how to do that?
  • I learned from your Ghana workshop that there are three kinds of Facebook groups. Can you explain what they are and how they might be used?
  • Over the years I have been doing my podcast, I have often become excited about building my platform, and so far—except for Twitter and YouTube--I have always lost interest or not had time to keep up the effort. My GoodReads group and Facebook page are now fairly dormant. What sort of time management methods or social media habits do you rely on to keep your platforms growing while still having enough time to create your own original books and products?
  • How are you using Periscope and Blab?
  • Given how active you are in video streaming and video content, I’m curious what sort of an Internet connection you have in your home in Norwood, which is about 25 miles south of where I am in Cambridge, Mass.
  • What are some projects you have on the horizon for next year?
To learn more about The Kindle Chronicles please visit The Kindle Chronicles

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How to Make Easy Journal Books Training Session

Learn How to Make a Journal Book Using PowerPoint

We had a lot fun yesterday with the How to Make Easy Journal Books live training session. I did this webinar in association with Becky Norwood of We had a great group of students and I took them through the process of making a journal book using PowerPoint. We worked on the interior and cover. Here is a replay of the broadcast.

To buy the course please click this Easy Journal Books.
As a special thank you use the coupon code JournalBooksSpotlight for $50 off the list price.

Included as a bonus for the course I am including free access to my How to Market Your Book course. Once you sign up I will connect you to How to Market

Also included templates for a 6 x 9, 160 page journal book.