Friday, March 4, 2016

7 Ways to Start Building Your Book Marketing Plan and Building Your Platform

Today's post continues my article on building your book platform and connecting with influencers. This is excerpted from my new book Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing.

Marketing your book starts the same day that you start writing it. Most authors don't do this, but if you can it will give you a great advantage when it come time to release it. Check out the earlier post Connecting with Influencers and Building Your market and Platform.

The goal here would be to pick a couple of methods and get started building your platform

Social Media Homes
___Build an Open Facebook group around your topic, you can also do a Fan page, this can be a very powerful tool.

___Build social media locations for you or your book, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube. Pick a couple to get started.

Offline Connections
___Connect now for the future with local bookstores, coffee shops, and other outlets where you can sell your books. Depending on what your topic is there are many non-traditional places to sell also. Retail stores, professional services, speaking, conferences, etc.

___Build a list of local media, TV, radio, and print that you can connect with. Connect with their social media sites, start to get on their radar. ID who the personalities are and connect with them.

___As you get close to publishing your book pull together your Book Media Kit. Write your author bio and book descriptions. Collect cover images, bio images, videos, everything we will use to launch your book.

___Start building out your author/book website with all of this content. Have it ready to go for when you publish your book, collect e-mail names.

___You should be putting up regular posts related to the book as you work on the writing. These can be story lines, sample sections, describing the writing and publishing process, images and related content. These posts will be used to build interest, Google search traffic, and for building up your mailing list. Be sure to follow the Kindle Select rules on duplicate content if you are going to use this Amazon program, see below.

Register your website url with companies like,, or

Build out your website using blogging platforms like WordPress or Google Blogger. Or web site builders like,,, and There are many available these are just a few.

This text is an excerpt from my latest book Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing, Complete Book Launch Action Plan Included! by J. Bruce Jones Available at

J. Bruce Jones is the author and creator of over 40 books. I create books and I help others get their books published through my consulting and training programs. Check out my course page for more info of my training.


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