Monday, March 7, 2016

2 Great Services from Amazon to Promote Your Book

Amazon has a lot of features beyond just selling your book. Two of them you need to look at and take advantage of are Amazon Author Central and the Kindle Select and Lending Programs. I am not a huge fan of the Kindle Select program because it locks up your content for 90 day chunks, but a lot of authors have had success with it. But I like the Lending Program.

Amazon Central is one of the other features and it is your own personal website inside of Amazon. It lists your book, connects you with comments, be careful of this, and gives you stats and information about where and how your books are selling. It is free and every author is eligible to have one.  In fact Amazon gives you one even if you don't sign-up, but you should. To access the Amazon Author Central page click

Amazon Author Central Tasks
___Filled out Amazon Author Central page, bio, images, videos, link your blog, Every author is eligible for the free Central site, be sure to use it.

___Link all your books to your Author Central page.

___Your Author Central Bio is also your Kindle bio, make sure your have one.

___Add your Author Central web address to your book’s front matter and on your website. This can be a live link in your Kindle book.

___Sign up on the international Amazon Author Central pages.

Kindle Select and Lending Programs
___Kindle Select Program is a program offered by Amazon for Kindle books. If you are willing to give Kindle exclusivity of your book for a 90 day period they will let you price your book for free for a mix of 5 days during the 90. A lot of authors use the program to help jumpstart their book sales. You can only use this program if you don’t have any of the book content anywhere on the web. Not posting any content is a decision you will need to make when you are starting your marketing. Many authors have found pretty good success with this program. You are only limited for 90 days and then you have to renew.

Personally I am a big fan of posting your content on your website as soon as you can to start getting exposure to Google and your fans but not everyone agrees on this. The Select Program doesn’t apply to physical paperback books. You can read more about this program when you upload your book on the Kindle KDP site.

___I always sign up for the Kindle Lending program. You often make more money lending your book than you do selling your book.

    Kindle Select and Lending program along with several other options are located on the Kindle upload pages.

•    Amazon Author Central,
•    Amazon Affiliate,
•    Kindle Select program,

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