Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How to Publish Your Book Show, May 30, 2017, Traffic, Book Categories and CreateSpace Discount Codes

In today's How to Publish Your Book Show on Facebook we covered

• New books and some recent travel

• Getting traffic to your Facebook page or group
  Ideas covered for getting traffic to your page
• Write posts, create videos
• Answer questions
• Let the content come to you, notice what is going by in the stream of life
• Set up Google Alerts, review results, select and repost
• Subscribe to subject matter blogs and websites with newsletters and emails
• Subject matter forums
• Search and repost videos
• Encourage members to post, respond and contribute to each post
• Facebook Advertising
• Promote everywhere
• Mention in your videos, your social media, and blog posts
• On your website set up a direct link button
• Add to your email signature

• Understanding Amazon book categories

• CreateSpace discount codes, where are they and how to you apply them.
From the CreateSpace FAQs page

How to Set Up CreateSpace Discount Codes:

1. Log in to your CreateSpace Member Account at using your e-mail address and account password

2. Click on the title's name you wish to edit

3. On the Project Homepage, click on "Channels" in the Distribute section

4. On the Channels page, select "Discount Codes" under CreateSpace eStore

5. Click the link that reads "To create a new discount code click here.” This will create a unique code that can be used across titles if desired. (If you have previously created a code that you wish to apply to a new title, you may skip the step of creating a new code)

6. To apply the code to a title, copy this new code into memory (command-C), then return to the previous page

7. Paste the code into the "Discount" table. Then set the pop-up to "Discounted Price" and enter the dollars off in the field (e.g., $5 off), or set this to a percentage off (e.g., 40% off). Remember that discount amounts must never drop the price below the minimum price of the title. You can add up to three new discount codes at a time

8. To complete the process, click on the “Save Changes” button

Your discount code is now ready to use, and the discount you offer will be deducted on orders placed using that code.

Where to find Discount Codes in CreateSpace for the CreateSpace Sales Page

 Click here to find all of the CreateSpace FAQs 

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