Some kind words from my Facebook How to Publish Your Book group, come over an join us

Bruce helped me realize a life long dream of becoming a published author.  He provided me with a roadmap that kept me on task and gave me creative ideas on how to keep writing when I felt blocked. He is passionate about his work and in helping writers succeed. Bruce understands the business, creative and tactical steps that every author needs to be successful.  With his help, my book made it to the Amazon’s best seller’s list within 24 hours of its release.  It was a very fun and positive experience.  Very grateful to Bruce!
-Michele Lamoureux, author of “The Goddess Guide: 52 Weeks of Inspiration for Living a Happier Life"

Bruce, thank you for your generosity and expertise this year. You are the guru who got me started and who I trust as a peer in this fun and satisfying work. One of the things I struggle with in the big open internet is trying to learn from the right self-publishing guidance and self-declared experts. I admit I am baffled trying to understand who is in the book making business, vs. who is in the internet-marketing-to-aspiring-authors business. In your group, I feel we are largely a bunch of author peers learning and sharing. In so many other environments, I confess I can't tell if I'm learning from other authors, or if their books are merely the red herring, and they are actually selling get-rich-quick schemes, and I'm their customer! Are these authors? Do they do what we do? Who is actually writing and profiting from their writing, and who is getting ghost-written material compiled so they can create the appearance of an author empire? Both are fine, but I want to choose my mentors with clear understanding of what business they are in! I appreciate so much your transparency with your earnings and methods. – Chelle Landers

Its great when the teacher asks what are we after thanks again J Bruce Jones looking forward to a great year 2017  –Maxine Butler

Bruce, thanks for all the help and guidance, the humor and friendship. You are one of the few things about 2016 that didn't suck.  –Edward Morneau

J Bruce Jones, I want to be your when I grow up!  –Author Cynthia Austin Tucker

Thank you for sharing that info. It's hard to get started and get a good grip on how doable this all is.... you make it seem very attainable.  –Bonnie Weinstein Crowe

Congratulations J Bruce! Bravo, I'm so proud of you! You're such a lovely, warm chap who is willing to share much info, and you deserve all the success you have worked hard for. Sending hugs across the miles!  –  Teena Hughes

That's why YOU are my book coach! Bump the guru's. You are the man!  – Gail Turner Brown

J Bruce Jones- I just want to thank you and remind you how amazing you are! You’ve helped me so much. I truly would not have gotten this far without you! Have a great day. – Jessica Sclafini

Shalana Frisby You rock J Bruce Jones ... ❤ all your freebies & generosity! Thank you!

Some very nice word from Shalana Frisby
Just wanted to give a shout out & say thanks to J Bruce Jones for sharing his expert advice and all the videos. After watching some of his videos over the summer, I was inspired to revamp my website and add a free resource library of printables that's password protected to attract email signups for a marketing list. It has taken me a few months, but I finally put it all live late this afternoon and already got 17 new subscribers in the past few hours. And, per Bruce's advice, I linked to all my books & site within each printable download & on the site pages. I'm excited to see how this goes & hopefully improves book sales :) thanks again! Btw, here's a link if anyone wants to check it out (it is Christian education printables) & constructive feedback is always welcome...

And here is her site

Comments after a recent training workshop on making journals
Rebecca Holman · Got it it is GREAT full of info and I can go back over and over to watch it.

Rebecca Holman · Good Stuff, thanks so much for this.. Learned alot.

Jennifer J Jordan-Pfund · You just make my day so bright! Thank you so much!

Hello, My name is Deepti. I am starting out with self publishing. Wanted to convey my gratitude to Bruce Jones. I am learning a lot from your videos and this educational group as well. Thanks a lot! – Deepti Daryanani

 Praise for PublishingMastery101
J Bruce Jones, the Mastery 101 site and group are two of the best things that happened to me this year! Thanks for offering the video classes and making then affordable for people like me. With everything you offer through them I do not feel like a I am on an island all alone trying to figure it all out. If the prices go up I am still all in and I hope you prosper greatly through your service to others. Thanks!

I am sending a HUGE thank you to Bruce for teaching me how to publish kids' books using PowerPoint. My kids are reading this one to each other and their friends, and it's a joy to see. Hopefully they'll absorb a little of Mommy's pro-girl-power propaganda and start to wonder: Just what DOES a princess do anyway?    – Jordana Landsman

Check out Jornana's Book The Princess Profession at Amazon

I just published my father's second memoir, now on amazon. It includes a chapter on visiting his neighborhood in Fall River, MA, one hundred years later. Thanks, Bruce, for getting me started. –Margo Lemieux

How to Publish Your Book FaceBook Group
Rebecca Holman Ummmm you are in this group. Get J Bruce Jones course as he walks you step by step. Worth the investment. My feeling is you must be willing to invest in your education or it is not a serious endeavor. I have paid a ton of money on other courses and wasted time hunting around on Google and YouTube..for one low price Bruce has given you the keys to the easiest most straightforward course on doing your book.

We have books being published all the time on the How to Publish Your Book Facebook Group, congrats today to Heather Laubinger Porazzo for her new book The Butterfly's Journey

From How to Publish Your Book Facebook Group
I just wanted to give a shout out to J Bruce Jones for this group and all the free resources he provides and time in answering questions. I'm not very active here lately (too busy working on my books and other POD endeavors), but it is still my go-to for searching self-pub info. His YouTube videos were the first thing I found on self-publishing about 14 months ago when I started (so, so sorry those aren't available anymore  ). In large part due to his recommendations for basic marketing techniques, my sales increased from "buy a nice dinner out" status to "pay the mortgage" status (granted we live in a small town!) in about a year. My email subscriber list has also increased greatly (see the screenshot below). I have a long way to go still for my goals, but I just wanted to say thanks so very much. I feel pretty grounded now in my self-pub journey and Bruce was a big part in getting the ball rolling for me even though the prospect seemed frightful at the time  I haven't taken his new courses, but just going off his free resources, his advice has been very worthwhile  Thank you! – Shalana Frisby

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