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Coming September 2019
I am relaunching my publishing membership program! 

Come join me as we take the publishing journey and bring your book to life. My new program will be a coaching and teaching program focused on self-publishing authors with their first or second book. Over the course of a year, you will learn all aspects of how to create, publish and launch your book.

This membership program is perfect for new authors wanting to get their first book published and selling or experienced authors who need extra training in publishing, marketing and selling their books.

Come and join fellow authors and learn what you need to publish your book.

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  A Million Published Authors Program

Easy Journal Books is a fun new course for my publishing school. Journals are easy to make and sell on Amazon. In this course, I teach how to make a journal using PowerPoint. I know that seems odd, but PowerPoint is a great little graphics program that almost everyone has and anyone can use. I also include a module using InDesign. I show you how to set up your journal, add art, build a cover, publish and upload to KDP.Amazon for selling. This course is quickly becoming one of my most popular courses.

This course covers: 
• Picking your journal book concept and where to publish and marketing
• How to make your book, work with photos, and make your cover
• Getting your new journal ready for publishing and uploading to KDP.Amazon for selling
• $97.00, Bonus: Includes How to Market Your Book Course

Now includes full 6 " x 9", 140 page InDesign and PowerPoint Journal Book Templates.
Open the template, add some images and publish
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Welcome to the How to Make and Sell a Product for Your Website in 15 Minutes, a mini-course on how to make a simple digital product based on what is already sitting in your computer and sell it on your website. There are so many ways now to create and sell products online that there is no reason to not get started. This course is about getting that thrill of making your first dollar. Once you know how you can make lots more.

Included in the Course:
Quick Version of how to Make a product and sell it on and your website

5 Part Video Series on making and selling a product, we dive into more detail. Hosted by Diane Belle, Bruce Jones walks you through the essential steps from coming up with an idea for a product, building it and then selling your new creation on your website.
  1. Product Idea
  2. Creating the Product
  3. Hosting Your Product
  4. Marketing Your Product
  5. Selling Your Product

Includes a Bonus Video on how to create a quick pdf product and a video version of what you just created. For the product, I create a quick guide on how to launch a book to an Amazon Bestseller.
Bruce Jones is the creator of over 50 on-line products from a very successful clip-art map collection, over 40 books, pdf collections, posters, online courses, t-shirt, mugs and many more. Bruce has been creating products for over 25 years.

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