Friday, June 23, 2017

Book Creating and Publishing Checklist for Self-Publishers

We had a great posting from one of the members of my How to Publish Your Book Facebook group on the steps you need to take to create your book. I really loved it. So in todays How to Publish Your Book Show I created a video where I break it down and comment and add my thoughts to each of the steps. I love the groups interaction and this was an excellent post.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Learn How to Make Thumbnail Book Graphics for Your Website to Promote Your Book

Bruce Jones teaches you how, using readily available tools, you can make graphics for promoting your book. Building your media kits is essential for promoting your book and a thumbnail graphic of the cover is the start.

In this training video I show you several different ways to create those small thumbnail graphics that you will need to promote your book online. We use Photoshop,, PicMonkey and Canva along with Grab on the Mac and Snagit on the PC. I also show how you can add this graphic to your Google Blogger Blog or your WordPress Blog and connect it to your book's Amazon sales page.

Tools for grabbing your image from the screen
Grab, Mac screen grab utility located in the Application...Utility Folder
Snagit, PC tool available on line, there are many

Tools for sizing your image
Adobe PhotoShop or any photo editing application
Online Tools, again there are many to choose from, here are a few

Specs for the image
I have found 225 pixels wide or about 3 inches wide works very well
Resolution should be 72 dots per inch, dpi

J. Bruce Jones I am the author and publisher of over 40 books and I love teaching other people how to make and publish their own books. There is nothing like seeing an author hold their own new book in their hands.

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Friday, June 2, 2017

How to Develop Your Own Products and Launch them in 15 Minutes, Interview with John North

I recently had a fun interview with John North of on how quickly you can make and sell products on line. You can actually do this in about 15 minutes using services like and a basic Google Blogger account. John just hosted the interview on his website.

Click here to listen to the interview

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How to Publish Your Book Show, May 30, 2017, Traffic, Book Categories and CreateSpace Discount Codes

In today's How to Publish Your Book Show on Facebook we covered

• New books and some recent travel

• Getting traffic to your Facebook page or group
  Ideas covered for getting traffic to your page
• Write posts, create videos
• Answer questions
• Let the content come to you, notice what is going by in the stream of life
• Set up Google Alerts, review results, select and repost
• Subscribe to subject matter blogs and websites with newsletters and emails
• Subject matter forums
• Search and repost videos
• Encourage members to post, respond and contribute to each post
• Facebook Advertising
• Promote everywhere
• Mention in your videos, your social media, and blog posts
• On your website set up a direct link button
• Add to your email signature

• Understanding Amazon book categories

• CreateSpace discount codes, where are they and how to you apply them.
From the CreateSpace FAQs page

How to Set Up CreateSpace Discount Codes:

1. Log in to your CreateSpace Member Account at using your e-mail address and account password

2. Click on the title's name you wish to edit

3. On the Project Homepage, click on "Channels" in the Distribute section

4. On the Channels page, select "Discount Codes" under CreateSpace eStore

5. Click the link that reads "To create a new discount code click here.” This will create a unique code that can be used across titles if desired. (If you have previously created a code that you wish to apply to a new title, you may skip the step of creating a new code)

6. To apply the code to a title, copy this new code into memory (command-C), then return to the previous page

7. Paste the code into the "Discount" table. Then set the pop-up to "Discounted Price" and enter the dollars off in the field (e.g., $5 off), or set this to a percentage off (e.g., 40% off). Remember that discount amounts must never drop the price below the minimum price of the title. You can add up to three new discount codes at a time

8. To complete the process, click on the “Save Changes” button

Your discount code is now ready to use, and the discount you offer will be deducted on orders placed using that code.

Where to find Discount Codes in CreateSpace for the CreateSpace Sales Page

 Click here to find all of the CreateSpace FAQs 

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Book Marketing Checklist Available in PDF Format

Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing PDF Book Download 

In Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing I take you through the steps that you will need to successfully launch and sell your book. One of the most common questions I get asked by new authors is “What’s Next?” They have pushed the published button and launched their book on and then go, what do I do now? Books don’t market themselves just because you are on Amazon. You need to be involved on a regular basis with getting your book out to the world and getting people to buy it. This is true wither you are an indie author or you have a publishing company behind you. Books need to be marketed in order to find customers.

This pdf book contains the lessons I have learned in creating and marketing over 40 of my own books. The PDF book includes:

3 Simple Things I Would Do to Market My Book

Part 1. Book Marketing Checklist 
• General Book Marketing Concepts
• Start Marketing Your Book the Day You Start Writing
• Selling on Amazon
• Book Launch Prep & Build Out Your Media Kit
• Preparing for Your Book Launch and General Marketing
• Going for Best-seller Status On-line,
• General Book Marketing
• Making Your Book Trailer Video
• Off-Line Book Marketing

Part 2, Book Launch Action Plan 
Level 1, Marketing My Book with Little Effort and $0 Dollars
Level 2, I Can Go a Little Bigger and Make a Little More Effort
Level 3, I Want to Kick It Into Higher Gear, Try to Really Push It

Part 3. Book Marketing Resources 

J. Bruce Jones I am the author and publisher of over 40 books and I love teaching other people how to make and publish their own books. There is nothing like seeing an author hold their own new book in their hands.

 To learn how to successfully market your book, buy and download a pdf copy of Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing today.

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

How to Publish Your Book Show, March 29, 2017

How to Publish Your Book Show, March 29, 2017
Topics for todays show are:
• New Books Released in the Past Week
• Releasing a Series of Book on Amazon, Why Do It
• Tips on Creating a Book Video
• Are We Indie Author, Retaining Your Book Rights
• Re-Purpose Your Book Content

In today's show I covered some of my tips on creating your Book Trailer video that I covered in my book Book Marketing Checklist. I thought I would lay them out again. You can pick up the fill book on marketing your book at Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing

Video should be part of your book marketing efforts. It is a powerful tool that you can use on your website, in your social media and on YouTube to promote your book. Below are some tips to help make your video effective. Your book trailer video should cover 4 basic topics and be 1 to 3 minutes long.

1. Who you are, your name.

2. What you have got, the name of the book.

3.  What the book will do for you and what you will learn, use your Table of Contents to come up with your list of key points.

4. What you want the viewer to do next, buy your book on, go to your website, give them a call to action.

Smartphones work great for making nice simple, one take video book trailers. The quality is great and if you record in a quiet place the audio will be just fine. You can always improve but smartphones work very well for this purpose.

Key point for quality is to make your smartphone nice and stable, use a small tripod from or from a site like Also turn off any radios or fans that might make extra noise.

Quick Tips
• Almost any simple digital camera will do for making a video. This includes the smart phone in your pocket. The quality is amazing and most are connected right to YouTube.

• A little tripod can really help with the quality.

• Don’t have a camera, then use the Save as Movie option of PowerPoint or a screen capture program like or

• Keep the video short. This is key; around 1-3 minutes is perfect.

• If you can do it in one take, you might not need to do any editing. If you are editing, then make each shot at least 10 seconds; (count in your head). You can also add in still images, or video from a PowerPoint presentation.

• Lighting is important. Turn on the lights or stand by a window.

A dark video just doesn’t look very good. Watch out for backlighting such as a window behind you. It can kill your video.

• Stay close to the camera for good sound, turn off any radios, and watch out for background noise. If your camera has a mic input, you can also add one for better quality, lavalier mics work well.

• In your video, give viewers a call-to-action: ask them to do something, call, go to a web site, suggest something to get them to your web site.

• Do some simple editing with iMovie on the Mac, MovieMaker on the PC, for more complex, use Premier. You can even edit right in YouTube or the new YouTube Capture app that works for iPhone. Many cameras also come with video editing software.

• Add your web address along the bottom or lower third of the screen. Add contact info or a call-to-action at the end. Tell viewers that your book is available on Amazon.

• Upload your video to YouTube, then link it to a blog, your website, Facebook and other social media sites.

Setting Up Your Videos
The key to getting your videos found in YouTube and Google search is to fill in all the boxes YouTube provides with lots of relevant text when you upload your video. This includes the video title, description, web address and key words or tags.

1. Video Title, have a good descriptive video title, include your main keyword.

2. In the initial sentence of the description, include a full web address as the first item, including the http://, then a short intro description. The first sentence needs to grab because this is all you initially see below your video.

3. Add a full description, fill it out with a lot of relevant descriptive copy, maybe with a transcript of the video. Include your contact info. You can really fill this area up with text. Google indexes this area so it is important to also add your keywords into the copy.

4. Add Keywords or Tags that Relate to the video and the topic, this is super important.

5. YouTube is a social media platform, this means share your video on all your social media platforms and interacting with people who comment on your videos.

6. Use End Screens and YouTube Cards to connect with other videos, make additional comments or give information.

7. All videos should have some kind of call-to-action (CTA), including a web address or contact info during or at the end of the video.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How to Publish Your Book Show, March 22, 2017


Topics covered in the March 22, 2017 How to Publish Your Book Show

• New Books Released in the past week on the group

• Book Reviews, Question on qualified reviewers

• Making Coloring Books, general steps for making your own coloring book

• Book Covers, Recommended software to use for making covers, InDesign, Canva, PowerPoint, and CreateSpace Cover Creator

• Printing Color Books, Pricing and Royalties on

Logo Packages, Things to ask for from your designer J. Bruce Jones is a best selling author and graphic designer with over 40 books. Bruce is also the creator of several online courses designed to get you publishing your own books.

Come over and join the How to Publish Your Book Facebook Group and get involved with almost 2,000 fellow authors and publishers, great place to ask questions and get answers. 

To learn more about promoting your own book please visit my How to Market Your Book course. This site gives you access to all of my self-publishing courses. Click