Sunday, May 13, 2018

Publishing Your Book, Overview from Writing, to Kindle Book to Selling Online and on Your Website

This video is in response to a question in my How to Publish Your Book Facebook Group

Publishing Your Book, Overview from Writing, tp Kindle Book to Selling Online and on Your Website from Bruce Jones on Vimeo.

Hello. I am new to the group and looking for some advice. I’ve never published or sold and ebook and am trying to do both via my own web site. I’m hoping this is an appropriate group to seek help, if not, please let me know.

Here is my situation. I’m completing a draft of a short book or pamphlet. I envision writing 5-6 pamphlets over the next couple years. The pamphlet will likely end up less than 40 pages. The pamphlet is a very simple document, all text with 3-4 simple diagrams. From what I have read, I believe this process is this:

1. Once final edit is complete, I need to convert the document to an appropriate ebook format: pdf or others. What format is recommended? What software is required? How difficult is this to do?

2. I currently have a site, but I believe I need to move to a site where necessary plugins are available to: upload document, handle e-pay and document release. Is this the correct process? What plugins are recommended?

Thanks, any advice is appreciated.

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

An Evening of Reflection and Ideas on Graphic Design at Lasell College

I spent a very enjoyable evening last night at Lasell College in Auburndale/Newton, Massachusetts. I am on the Advisory Board for the Graphic Design Department and we have an annual dinner with about 24 people from across the design, academic, advertising world. I think this is my 4th time. The department poses questions or curriculum ideas or just looks for feedback on what they are doing, and we way in along with some good food. It is always so interesting listening all the different views.

I find that this dinner makes me also think and reflect a lot about what I have done over the past 30+ years of my own design career. My mind was spinning on the ride home comparing my design journey and building a business and listening to how it is done today. It is so different. I started with the waxer and paste-up and just print. Now we have the web and video and Instagram and as one art director said, "it is all mobile". It is all about the phone.

Last night's discussion was about the portfolio, is it still needed, how many items, how is it used. Great conversations. Your portfolio is used to sell yourself and your skills. I lugged mine around in the early days but rarely in the latter half of my career. Reputation and building steady clients makes a business. On the drive home I did reflect on two decisions that I made when I started my business that were different than many others.

The first being that instead of directing my energies to agencies I went directly to companies and firms looking for business. I started out working at the art supply store Charrette, and heard all the stories about agencies from freelancers and their employees and it was all so negative about how they burned people out and never paid their bills. So when I started I decided not to approach agencies for design work. That proved to be a good move. I got linked to business owners and firm marketing directors as my clients and took out the agency middle man. Marketing directors also move around and they take their teams with them. And owners of businesses are fun to deal with.

The second decision I made was to go after the boring work instead of the fancy work. All the designers were competing for the annual reports, nice brochures and flashier projects. I went after the newsletter production, event packages, stationery, etc. The stuff that repeated over and over.  The stuff that is in the desk drawer that is used to run a business day to day. The result is that the companies get comfortable with me and when the fancier projects come up you are already there. You get the work but didn't have to compete for it.

A third decision that evolved as the web and print-on-demand and e-commerce developed is that I created and sold products. I used my design skills to develop a second and third and forth source of income. This has been a message that I preached whenever I can to design students. They have a skill set that matches perfectly to the web. They know how to make all the parts and they are getting exposure to many different clients and seeing many different business opportunities. I encourage students to create and publish books but they can also create pretty much anything else; T-shirts, posters, hats, mugs, the list is huge, even creating one product and making a single dollar on-line can be a lightbulb, life changing moment. It can open a path to independence and if nothing else a second income stream. They have the skills, they just don't know that they can make money from it separate from an employer.

It was a great evening and thank you to Ken Calhoun, Program Director of Graphic Design

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Making the Cover for Your Createspace Picture Book

Figuring out the size of the BMM Photo Book, 16.307" x 10.25"

In the second video for the Boston Media Makers paperback picture book we are going to make a book cover. Print covers include the back, spine, front and bleeds all around. In this video I show you how to set your book cover up using Adobe Indesign.

How to Make a Createspace Book Cover for the Boston Media Makers Book from Bruce Jones on Vimeo.

The challenge will be held in the Facebook Group: How to Publish Your Book

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Create Your Own Picture Book, Live Presentation with Bruce Jones

I recently held a live presentation at the Boston Media Makers April get together on creating and publishing a picture book using PowerPoint and Kindle Create. I though this would make a good companion example of the Picture Book Challenge.

Creating a Picture Book Using PowerPoint and Kindle Create, Live Presentation by Bruce Jones from Bruce Jones on Vimeo.

The challenge will be held in the Facebook Group: How to Publish Your Book

Want access to all the templates, storyboards and video content, visit the companion course InDesign for Authors 

Start Collecting Your Images for the Picture Book Challenge

The Picture Book Challenge is underway. The first step is to start collecting your images, photos, drawings, illustrations. Whatever you need to create your book. We are creating a 24-32 page book, so you probably need a few more than the number of pages. It all depends on how many images you will be putting on each page. You also want to start to edit down the photos to your best collection for the book.

Be sure to join the How to Publish Your Book Facebook group for the regular lessons, videos and any questions.
In the File area in the Facebook group is a free storyboard pdf so you can start to sketch out your book.

Collecting your Pictures for the Picture Book Challenge Video 2 from Bruce Jones on Vimeo.

The challenge will be held in the Facebook Group: How to Publish Your Book

Want access to all the templates, storyboards and video content, visit the companion course InDesign for Authors 

Picture Book Challenge, Create and Publish a Book on Amazon

We have begun. Start taking or collecting your graphic images, pictures, drawings, photos. I am running a picture book challenge where we will be creating and publishing a picture book on Amazon, print and Kindle.

We will be building a 32 page book because that is the standard size for a children's book, but you can do less. Min for print is 24 pages. There will be a variety of templates available in the course site.

The challenge will be taught with InDesign and be hosted on the How to Publish Your Book Facebook Group. There will also be a companion course as part of the InDesign for Authors course on The companion course will hold all the templates, worksheets and video content for the challenge. For the challenge  you can use any program you want such as: InDesign, PowerPoint, Illustrator, Apple Pages, Google Slides, but we will be focusing on InDesign.

Introduction to the Picture Book Challenge Video 1 from Bruce Jones on Vimeo.

ROADMAP for the Challenge
• Collecting all your images, photos, illustrations, drawings, etc.
Added a story board pdf to help you design your book

• Processing images for print-300dpi and ebook 72-120dpi

• Setting up our InDesign print book templates, 3 sizes available

• Placing images and adding text, working with grids

• Editing and adjusting our designs

• Create a cover template

• Design and creation of our cover

• Creating a printed proof for review

• Final corrections

• Preparing our PDF print files, creating our ebook files using Kindle Create

• Uploading our books to CreateSpace and Kindle

• Ordering a printed proof, review, PUBLISH!!

• Marketing and launching our book

• Sharing our success

The challenge will be held in the Facebook Group: How to Publish Your Book

Want access to all the templates, storyboards and video content, visit the companion course InDesign for Authors 


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Road to AUM, by Sandra Powers Murphy, Un-boxing the Hard Cover Book

I help produce a new book recently called The Road to AUM by Sandra Powers Murphy. It is a marketing book for the financial services industry and asset growth. It was a cool project that covered pretty much all aspects of self-publishing. Not only did we do the paperback book using CreateSpace but we also did a hard cover with book jacket on IngramSpark and a Kindle e-book. Sandra also created an audio version and she is producing 12 workbooks to go along with the main book. All around we did it all. I love being able to do one action and then repurpose it for many other products.

Sandra works in the financial services area as a marketing and sales consultant. She is the founder and CEO of ARK Global LLC. This book celebrates 10 years of marketing and sales knowledge in helping firms look for money and market their services.
The Road to AUM in paperback and hard cover
Along with her book, Sandra also created an excellent author/book blog to help market it. Noble Ark The website layout info on the book, resources, speaking opportunities, she is really taking advantage of all aspects of this book. The website builds out your backend for sales and the opportunities that having a book brings you. Your book may not be where most of your money comes from when you self-publish. It might come from the course your develop, consulting or speaking.

Author/Book website for The Road to AUM,
The Road to AUM is a great example of all the different things you can do around one idea. The book was written using MS Word. I created the printed versions in Adobe Indesign then copied out the final text back into Word and used Kindle Create to create the e-book Kindle version. Sandra actually hired a recording studio to create the audio version which will use from Amazon for hosting.

Sandra Power Murphy's book The Road to AUM is available on Amazon in paperback, hard cover, Kindle and Audio

Learn How to Make a Picture Book Using PowerPoint and Kindle Create, Presentation by Bruce Jones

Had a lot of fun at the Boston Media Makers with Steve Garfield monthly meet-up this past Sunday, April 1, 2018 on how to make a picture book that you can sell on Kindle. I used PowerPoint to create the picture book, but you can really use any program that can create a pdf file. We created the pdf and used the new Kindle Create app from Amazon/Kindle to convert the file for publishing on Kindle. It was fun and got quite a few people excited about creating their own books.

Steve Garfield recorded the presentation live and hosted it on YouTube. The new Kindle Create is super easy to use and it is a fantastic program for publishing your pdf files. It also works great to create a regular book such as a novel or non-fiction.

Learn More:
Boston Media Makers
Kindle Create from Amazon for creating e-books

Bruce Jone is the author of over 40 books. His latest is I Want to Publish My Book But I Don't Know How. Takes you through all the steps for creating your own book

I Want to Publish My Book But I Don't Know How: Everything You Need to Know to Create an E-book or Print Book

Available on Amazon,

Monday, March 26, 2018

Some Nice Comments on the Release of My New Book and Releasing

My new book "I Want to Publish My Book But I Don't Know How" has released and I have had some comments on it. Grahame Rees from Australia gave me some nice words on the book and the Publishing Mastery 101 course.

And Al Snyder left a very nice comment on Amazon.

Presenting my book at the Business Accelerator Group meeting last week in San Diego

I Want to Publish My Book But I Don't Know How: Everything You Need to Know to Create an E-book or Print Book

Available on Amazon,

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Creating an Audio Version of Your Book

I had a good question come in to the How to Publish Your Facebook Group on creating an audio version of your book. They were stumped on where to start. Do you start with the intro? The main paragraphs of the forward or chapter 1?

HI Great question. I would say just do each section individually, Intro, Sections, then chapters, do it all. They can then all be put back together as the project pulls together, but treat each section individually and record everything even if you don't think you are going to use it.

A movement that is gain great traction is creating an audio version of your book. Going along with the growth of podcasts, audio books are also exploding. Audio books can be sold on Amazon through their Audible service and they get matched up with the printed or e-book version. Very often on Amazon you will see the audio version being sold for quite a bit more than the printed or definitely the Kindle version. Once you have the recording you can do a lot with it; make an audio book, a podcast, sell mp3 files on your site, or use the files and create videos for a course. You have a lot of options.

Each chapter is an separate recording, including the intros, forwards, really the complete book. Depending on where what you are doing with it you can record the book yourself, record in a recording studio or hire a narrator.

Record your book and turn it into an audio or video version of your book. Create a podcast for iTunes, SoundCloud or Sketcher. Each chapter is an episode. Your book is a readymade series just waiting to be broadcast. Each chapter can be recorded using a video camera and you now have the material for an on-line course, with a PDF bonus book. It can all be the same content just in different formats. Turn each chapter into a blog post and include the audio or video. One advantage of blogging a book is that Google will bring you an audience and by looking at your stats you will see what part of the book is resonating. Once you know this you can start expanding that chapter into the next book. is like CreateSpace but for audio. It is a division of Amazon and handles their audio books. The books themselves are sold through You can create your own or hire a professional reader for your book.

Resources:, where you go to create an audio book for selling on Amazon,

Findaway Voices, an alternative to ACX and a way to create and distribute audio books to multiple retailers. Great for indie authors., they have an excellent Help page which describes the process,

The key here is to deliver your book in as many formats as you can to as many readers as you can. How does your audience want their books delivered? Figure out how and do it. Primarily though it is usually an e-book with Kindle and a print paperback book with CreateSpace.

Resource Articles:
Yes You Can Record Your Own Audiobook Heres How by Robert Dricks

Joanna Penn is fantastic and here is an article from her blog

I Want to Publish My Book But I Don't Know How: Everything You Need to Know to Create an E-book or Print Book

Available on Amazon,

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