Friday, November 13, 2020

Amazon Book Sales, March 2010-October 2020

 Total e-books sold..................................................3,120

Total paperbacks sold............................................31,485

Total books sold....................................................34,605

Average e-book sales price.........................$2.50/$7,800

Average paperback book sales price.....$10.00/$314,850

Total Gross Sales on Amazon, (estimate).........$322,650

Total Royalties Paid (my profit)..............$108,126

Average sales over 10 years........................$10,812/year

Average royalty per book........................................$3.12

I look at book sales from the royalty per book point of view. That is the money I put in my pocket. 

I also sell books in PDF format on several websites. I use to take the orders and deliver the files. I primarily sell my geography coloring books, which have a sales price of $5.00/book. I also bundle them which pushes the unit price up to and makes the average price $7.12/book-bundle. This is a new direction for me and with the geography books and other titles, I have sold 457 books for $2,739. 

I encourage you to look at all avenues for selling your books. Along with I also use We are a global world and with PDF you can sell and deliver your book anywhere and everywhere you have customers. It costs almost nothing to test and try.

Remember my principal, what can I do to have sales, try everything? It is a big planet with billions of customers and we are all connected.

Excerpt from How I Made $322,650 Selling Books on Amazon by J. Bruce Jones

J. Bruce Jones is an author and creator of over 50 books. Bruce teaches self-publishing authors how to publish their books. To learn more about Bruce’s latest project, How I Made $322,650 Selling Books on Amazon click here.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Learn How to Upload your Paperback Book to KDP/Amazon

Publishing your book is super cool. Most of us who are self-publishing use the KDP/Amazon publishing site. With just a little instruction the process is very smooth. 

In this training, you will learn how to upload your paperback book to the KDP/Amazon site for publishing on Amazon. Using my new book, European Country Maps Coloring Book I take you through the upload and publishing steps. Includes a PDf transcript

In this training, I cover adding your details, content, rights, and pricing:

• Book Title

• Series

• Author & Contributors

• Book Description

• Keywords

• Categories


• Print Options

• Uploading your Manuscript and Book Cover

• Launching Previewer

• Territories

• Pricing & Royalty

• Publishing

• Followup Email

Learn more at Learn How to Upload your Paperback Book to KDP/Amazon

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

New Coloring Book, European Country Maps Coloring Book

Announcing the release of my newest coloring book, European Country Maps Coloring Book, 46 Blank, Outline, and Detailed Country Maps for Coloring, Home, and Education.

In this book, you will learn about and color the countries of Europe in European Country Maps Coloring Book, 46 Blank, Outline, and Detailed Country Maps for Coloring, Home, and Education. Includes France, United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Spain, and 40 more. Learn and color blank, outline, and detailed maps of the European Countries.

The blank outline maps are great for learning the geography and layout of each country. Each country map is presented in two ways, a map of their administrative districts or political borders, including capitals and several cities. Plus, a blank outline map of each country. Many maps include the surrounding border countries.

Perfect for coloring, home, and education. Students can trace the outlines of the map, study, and highlight countries and features on the blank maps. Maps can be photocopied for sharing with your children or students. A great resource for students and teachers.

To purchase a paperback at Amazon, CLICK HERE

To purchase a PDF, CLICK HERE

J. Bruce Jones is the author of over 50 self-published books. I publish on geography, music, self-publishing, and business. Along with publishing, I have created software products and online courses.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Writer's Online Toolkit from Maryville University

There are a lot of great tools available for writers from Grammarly, to Google Docs, to Livescribe Pen. In this article from Maryville University's Blog they cover quite a few along with some general tips on writing. The article includes General Writing tools and tools for Novelists, Academic Writing, Freelance Writers, Events, and Resources.

You can check it out at

Friday, June 26, 2020

Over $1 Million in Book Sales on Amazon

I was looking at my Amazon historical sales today and in lifetime commissions I just went over $100K to $101,743.87, I average about $10/book. So in retail sales, I have sold $1 million dollars in books. Hard to believe. It looks like they are keeping records for me back to Jan 2011. The above and below charts are from 2011-2020.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Workbook Masterclass, Create Your Own Workbooks, Checklists and Journal

The Workbook MasterClass is open June 12-19, 2020 Open Discount, use Code workbookopen

In the Workbook Masterclass, I show you how to create your own workbooks, checklist, or journals.  We will be looking at your books, coaching, consulting, or teaching and pulling out the key content or path and create a workbook.

Our books, coaching, consulting and teaching take our readers, clients, or students on a journey. We move them from point A to point B. They go on a journey of discovery and learning. Hopefully, there is a transformation that takes place as they start to understand what we are saying and teaching. 

A workbook becomes an excellent companion on this journey. It helps your reader or client move through your material and either learn or through self-awareness understand and retain what you are trying to say. 

We use our workbooks as a tool or roadmap to help guide our reader, client, or student to the lessons we are teaching. We also use our workbooks as additional products. It is a way to monetize our books and coaching. Workbooks are often seen as more valuable than the original book. The book, coaching, or teaching is the theory, the workbook, study guide, or checklist is the practical. It is a way of pulling out the lessons and key points of our content. 

Included in the Workbook MasterClass
• Workbook Examples, great examples to model, Video
• The Hidden Treasures in Your Content, Video, we look at your books, coaching, consulting, and teaching. 
• Key Workbook Tips and Ideas, Products You Can Make from Your Workbook
• 3 Case Studies by Workbook creators, Videos
• Workbook MasterClass Book, PDF Book
• The Workbook Tips and Resources, PDF Book
• Publishing and Marketing Your Workbook, Video
• Design Tips 101 for Workbooks, Video
• Making Your Cover, Video
• Workbook Elements Templates for MS Word, PowerPoint, and InDesign
• 3 Live Zoom Training Sessions, Applying the Templates

To learn more or buy the MasterClass click: our special Launch Discount Code for $50 off workbookopen

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Masterclass: How to Create Your Own Workbooks, Checklists and Journals

Hi all I’m doing a Masterclass training on creating your own workbooks, checklists or journals. The training is $27 for the next 10 people, this course will include templates. If you are interested checkout the link below to sign up. The product will be released June 12th.

Learn more about the masterclass at How to Create Your Own Workbooks, Checklists and Journals.

How to Create Your Own Workbooks, Checklists, or Journals.
This course will be released on June 12th, 2020 at 12 pm EST!
In this masterclass, we will discuss how to create workbooks, checklists, and journals. This masterclass is perfect for anyone who has an existing business, self-help, or how-to book. Or if you are a coach, consultant, or teacher. If you are developing a book this class will also help you think about how you can structure your book and if you can add a workbook to it. I bet you can.
Workbooks are a great way to add an additional product to your business. You can create an entire program around a workbook that sells for much more than the original book.

Who is this Masterclass for?
This class is perfect for any author that has a business, self-help, or how-to book. Also, teachers, coaches, and consultants.

Included in the Masterclass
• The Hidden Treasure in Your Book
• Discovering your workbooks parts
• How to create your workbook, checklist or journal
• I will be including the templates from the class so you can create your own workbooks, checklist, and journals.
• How to publish your workbook, checklist or journal

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Self-Publishing Questions and Answers April 3, 2020

In today's self-publishing Questions and Answer live broadcast, I answered all kinds of great questions on publishing, marketing, royalties. Check out the video below.

In today's live broadcast I cover lots of great questions
• How to publish or market my book?
• Where to go to publish your book?
• I write in lots of genres, what should do?
• Who pays the best royalties and has a good reputation?
• How to start?
• How to publish, what channels should I consider?
• I am writing a biography?
• How to publish, create the book, cover, making copies, sell it?
• Best self-publishing marketing strategies?
• Best marketing promotion tactics?
• How to book? Formatting and marketing?
• I'm 10 years old, can I publish a book?

Come over and join the How to Publish Your Book Facebook Group. Get your questions answered

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

How to Market Your Book or Product, EASY PRODUCTS

How to Market Your Product.

I recently conducted a series of Facebook live broadcasts on creating a product and hosting it online. In this third video, I talk about marketing it.

Monday, April 6, 2020

How to Use Google Classroom

I am learning how to use Google Classroom. I just discovered that my editable PowerPoint maps work very nicely inside of Classroom

Here is a good explanation of how to use it by Michelle Ferré

Another good Google Classroom introduction by Teacher's Tech

0:33 How to access Google Classroom
1:50 Create and edit a class in Google Classroom
3:50 Add students to your Google Classroom
5:35 Showing how students join a class
6:25 Invite guardians and email students
7:03 Communicating in the Stream in Google Classroom with student view
9:56 Adding resources and materials in Google Classroom
13:57 Student view of resources and materials
14:23 Creating an assignment in Google Classroom
17:59 Student view of the assignment
19:47 Grading and returning assignment in Google Classroom
23:20 Students view of the returned assignment

Make your PDFs and Worksheets Editable Online - Using Google Slides