Monday, February 29, 2016

Yes You Can Sell Simple Products Right Off Your Blog

I am getting ready to present on how quickly you can put together simple, straight forward products and sell them from you website, blog and YouTube. Below is a test for selling my new book.

One of the most common questions I get asked by new authors is “What’s Next?” They have pushed the published button and launched their book on and then go what do I do now? Books don’t market themselves just because you are on Amazon. You need to be involved on a regular basis with getting your book out to the world and getting people to buy it. This is true wither you are an indie author or you have a publishing company behind you. Books need to be marketed in order to find customers.

In Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing I take you through many of the tasks that you will need to do to launch and have a successfully selling book. This pdf book contains the lessons I have learned in marketing my own books.

• 3 Simple Things I Would Do to Market My Book

• Part 1, Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishers

• Part 2, Complete Book Launch Action Plan Included

• Book Marketing Resources

J. Bruce Jones

I am the author and publisher of over 40 books and I love teaching other people how to make and publish their own. There is nothing like seeing an author hold their own new book in their hands.  It is transformative, that is what I do.

If you want to purchase a pdf copy of this book, please click below.

Buy Book Marketing Checklist

3 Simple Things I Would Do to Market My Book

1. Build a media kit that you can use for promotion, include in it:
  • Cover shots of your book, 6” wide, 4” and 2”, 72 dpi and 300 dpi
  • Head shots of you holding the book next to your head, 6”, 4” 2”. Tie your book to you, you are one and the same.
  • Book description, 50 words, 150 words and 500 words, include title, author, description, website and where you can get it.
  • Author description, 50 word, 150 word,  and 500 word, be sure to include your book title, website and where you can buy the book.
    With this simple media kit you are ready for promotion, social media, and interviews.

2. I hope you have a blog or web presence, put a page about your book on the blog. Include a cover shot, specs, book and author descriptions, quotes, links to where someone can buy the book.
Google’s Blogger blogs are an excellent place to start for an author website. They are free, easy to set up and change, will handle all kinds of media and are part of the Google network. Google likes their own.

3. Blog your book, page by page or paragraph by paragraph. The entire book, add good titles on each post. Have a description line at the bottom, which includes author name, book title and link to where you can buy it. On the side of the blog or site have a thumbnail cover image with the words Buy at Amazon under it and link to the sales page on Amazon. 

Excerpt from my latest book Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing, Complete Book Launch Action Plan Included! by J. Bruce Jones Available at

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tips for Formatting Your Book for Kindle with Bruce Jones and Winnie Anderson from The Let's Talk Tech Show

Below is the second show by Winnie Anderson's The Let's Talk Tech Show on Tips for Formatting Your Book for Kindle. In the show I break down some of my essential tips for building out your Kindle/ebook. This is the second of three interviews that I did with Winnie Anderson. This session also includes a free handout of tips and suggestions. We got to dig into some of my favorite tips for authors new to formatting their Kindle book, do's and don'ts. Using a screenshare I could show just what I wanted. You can check out the episode below and at YouTube.

To listen to the first show on some general Kindle publishing concepts please check out the post Tips for Successful Self-Publishing with Bruce Jone on The Lets Talk Tech Show with Winnie Anderson.

We also include the pdf notes and resources, and for a limited time a pdf copy of my new book, Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing. Click here to download the notes.

Here is the full three part book publishing series with Winnie Anderson

Show One, on general self-publishing and why you should have a book, podcast

Show Two, marketing your book, tips and strategies, podcast

Show Three, Tips on formatting your Kindle book, video

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tips for Successful Self-Publishing with Bruce Jones on the Lets Talk Tech Show

I had great time last week being interviewed by Winnie Anderson of the Let's Talk Tech podcast from This is the first of 3 episodes on Kindle book publishing that we recorded. The first show covers Kindle production topics.  A big thank you to Winnie for inviting me on her show

• Common mistakes made creating an e-book
• How you can re-purpose your book for additional products
• Some time and production cost estimates
• And lots of conversations on how to outsource.

You can listen to the full episode over at

We also include the pdf notes and resources, and for a limited time a pdf copy of my new book, Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing. Click here to download the notes.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Where Do I Print My Hardcover Children's Book?

Question: Hi Bruce. I came across you via YouTube. I am an aspiring children's book publisher. I feel strongly about publishing to hard cover. Where do I pursue that?

Answer: Hi and thank you for reaching out. Most of what I do centers around using which is the print on demand side of Amazon. They only have paperback and vertical or square
If you want to go with hardcover and use the print on demand world then there are several other options all which use Print on Demand, You can use which also opens you up to the bookstore market and world wide distribution along with Amazon.

Two other sites are and both of which have hardcover and have relationships with Amazon.
 What I like about is that it is Amazon and it is free to use. IngramSpark is $49 plus the $85 for the ISBN. You could also use this ISBN number with CreateSpace. With Ingram you are acting like a publisher. which is good but a little more work.

Lulu and Blurb are free to use, all fees get charged when the books sell but nothing is out of your pocket. Of these two I would pick Lulu, mostly because of the selling price of the book, Blurb gets a little pricy. Lulu also has a horizontal format.

You could also just go out and just print the book and then deal with distribution on your own. That can be a pain.

If you want hardcover my recommendation would be to do both CreateSpace and IngramSpark but with your own ISBN number which you would buy from Ingram so that you are in their world.


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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Working with Photo for Your Journal Books Hangout training

I am doing a Google Hangout today Thursday Feb 4th at 3:00pm EST on working with photos for your Journal Books. I will be showing some design techniques for photos, answering questions. You can watch the video below

You can also watch by clicking on this link

Topics included in this live video training by J. Bruce Jones from the Easy Journal Books online video course. I cover a series of question that we get asked about using and customizing photos in your journal books. For this training I work in PowerPoint but most of the tips will also work with InDesign.

Remember that CreateSpace needs a ½” margin around the outside of the page.

We talked about where to put photos on the page. Do you put them on inside, outside, to the blue line that comes with the template or the outside of the images.

How you bring photo onto the page, Using the Insert photo command or Dragging the photos onto the page

Dealing with different sizes, showing how, using a box as a template you can even everything up

How to crop images in PowerPoint

How to make photo Black and White in PowerPoint, this was cool I had forgetten all about this. You can also use Photoshop to change the color.

Label your photos so you can easily find the correct ones. We talked about file maintance and organization. Important for keeping organized.

Adding Captions, Yes people love captions on their images. Often reading the captions first.

Where do you put the photos inside of the page or on the outside, where do the photos go? Most people put them on the outside edge of the journal pages. But it is up to you, I talk about it

Adding page numbers? Usually with journal books you don’t have page numbers, but depending on what you are doing it can work.

To learn more about Easy Journal Book, Step-by-Step Course for Making and Selling Journal Books

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I Want to Start Writing Books, What Do I Do?

Hi Bruce,

So I have a [question]. I am interested in finding a publisher for two books. Tell me a little more about your services and whether that is within your scope. Given that nonprofit work does not provide funding on its own and I am a debt laden student, writing might be a viable way of generating income.

Answer, Hi, thank you for reaching out. Great question. Basically what I do is that I am a graphic designer and in that world I often am working on clients books. I also write and create a lot of books for myself and sell them on Amazon using Createspace and Kindle. Createspace for print and Kindle for ebooks. I now have over 41 of my own titles.

I also teach people how to make their own books. I have a active Facebook group called How to Publish Your Book where we have a community, come on over an join

I also have courses on book publishing and am building a Book Publishing School,

I would encourage you to write and create books and then you can put them up on CreateSpace. it is free to publish there and with some promotion you can sell books. I now sell 450+ books a month. You can do most of what you need right out of MS Word and then hire someone or use CreateSpace templates to make a cover. If you do the work it can all be free.

One of my courses on Book marketing is free and shows you the marketing stuff

As I said in encourage you to start writing and putting together your books, let me know if you have questions


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