Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tips for Successful Self-Publishing with Bruce Jones on the Lets Talk Tech Show

I had great time last week being interviewed by Winnie Anderson of the Let's Talk Tech podcast from TheLetsTalkTechShow.com. This is the first of 3 episodes on Kindle book publishing that we recorded. The first show covers Kindle production topics.  A big thank you to Winnie for inviting me on her show

• Common mistakes made creating an e-book
• How you can re-purpose your book for additional products
• Some time and production cost estimates
• And lots of conversations on how to outsource.

You can listen to the full episode over at TheLetsTalkTechShow.com

We also include the pdf notes and resources, and for a limited time a pdf copy of my new book, Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing. Click here to download the notes.

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