Monday, February 8, 2016

Where Do I Print My Hardcover Children's Book?

Question: Hi Bruce. I came across you via YouTube. I am an aspiring children's book publisher. I feel strongly about publishing to hard cover. Where do I pursue that?

Answer: Hi and thank you for reaching out. Most of what I do centers around using which is the print on demand side of Amazon. They only have paperback and vertical or square
If you want to go with hardcover and use the print on demand world then there are several other options all which use Print on Demand, You can use which also opens you up to the bookstore market and world wide distribution along with Amazon.

Two other sites are and both of which have hardcover and have relationships with Amazon.
 What I like about is that it is Amazon and it is free to use. IngramSpark is $49 plus the $85 for the ISBN. You could also use this ISBN number with CreateSpace. With Ingram you are acting like a publisher. which is good but a little more work.

Lulu and Blurb are free to use, all fees get charged when the books sell but nothing is out of your pocket. Of these two I would pick Lulu, mostly because of the selling price of the book, Blurb gets a little pricy. Lulu also has a horizontal format.

You could also just go out and just print the book and then deal with distribution on your own. That can be a pain.

If you want hardcover my recommendation would be to do both CreateSpace and IngramSpark but with your own ISBN number which you would buy from Ingram so that you are in their world.


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