Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tips for Formatting Your Book for Kindle with Bruce Jones and Winnie Anderson from The Let's Talk Tech Show

Below is the second show by Winnie Anderson's The Let's Talk Tech Show on Tips for Formatting Your Book for Kindle. In the show I break down some of my essential tips for building out your Kindle/ebook. This is the second of three interviews that I did with Winnie Anderson. This session also includes a free handout of tips and suggestions. We got to dig into some of my favorite tips for authors new to formatting their Kindle book, do's and don'ts. Using a screenshare I could show just what I wanted. You can check out the episode below and at YouTube.

To listen to the first show on some general Kindle publishing concepts please check out the post Tips for Successful Self-Publishing with Bruce Jone on The Lets Talk Tech Show with Winnie Anderson.

We also include the pdf notes and resources, and for a limited time a pdf copy of my new book, Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing. Click here to download the notes.

Here is the full three part book publishing series with Winnie Anderson

Show One, on general self-publishing and why you should have a book, podcast

Show Two, marketing your book, tips and strategies, podcast

Show Three, Tips on formatting your Kindle book, video

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