Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I Want to Start Writing Books, What Do I Do?

Hi Bruce,

So I have a [question]. I am interested in finding a publisher for two books. Tell me a little more about your services and whether that is within your scope. Given that nonprofit work does not provide funding on its own and I am a debt laden student, writing might be a viable way of generating income.

Answer, Hi, thank you for reaching out. Great question. Basically what I do is that I am a graphic designer and in that world I often am working on clients books. I also write and create a lot of books for myself and sell them on Amazon using Createspace and Kindle. Createspace for print and Kindle for ebooks. I now have over 41 of my own titles.

I also teach people how to make their own books. I have a active Facebook group called How to Publish Your Book where we have a community, come on over an join

I also have courses on book publishing and am building a Book Publishing School,

I would encourage you to write and create books and then you can put them up on CreateSpace. it is free to publish there and with some promotion you can sell books. I now sell 450+ books a month. You can do most of what you need right out of MS Word and then hire someone or use CreateSpace templates to make a cover. If you do the work it can all be free.

One of my courses on Book marketing is free and shows you the marketing stuff

As I said in encourage you to start writing and putting together your books, let me know if you have questions


Check out two of my sites that will get you started on writing your books
Facebook Group:
Book Publishing School,


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