Friday, July 15, 2016

4. Flush Out the Balance of the Book, Author Bio, Resources, Services

4. Flush out the balance of the book.
Add an author bio along with a photo and contact info at the back of the book. Add a resource list at the back of the book, an intro for the front, a table of contents and any additional info that might apply to your book. If you offer programs or consulting, drop that in also, give readers a call to action. We are talking 28-36 pages when done. This isn't a manifesto.

A. Add your author bio including photo, contact info, resources, introduction, front matter, table of contents (the 10 points), legal info, copyright, title page.

B.  Add in any products, consulting, programs, or additional info that your reader might find useful. Add in back cover copy

C. Add in your book title and subtitle, make this one of the last thing you do. Don’t fall in love with the working title.

How long should this book be? This isn’t a manifesto but here are some guidelines.

• Kindle/Amazon e-book shoot for around 8,000-12-15,000 words.

• CreateSpace/Amazon, you need to be a minimum of 24 pages, 36 works pretty nicely and 50-70 makes for a decent size book.

• A quick print book, local printer kind of book, your book needs to fit into a unit of 4 so 24, 28, 32 pages, etc., even 12 can work very nicely.

If you are a consultant, a tips book can be an essential part of your marketing. In the back highlight your programs and services. Make this section very clear so readers can find it. Add in a nice photograph and be sure to have a Call to Action. You want your reader to do something, contact you, higher you, invite you to speak at an event, or just make things clearer. The goal of a book like this isn’t for big sales, though that might be nice. The goal is to support your marketing and help develop leads. Customers love getting a free book, so be very open to giving them away. Sometimes you are selling this book, sometimes it is a free giveaway for signing up to your mailing list.

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