Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Importantance of Building Effective Descriptive Copy for YouTube and Amazon

Question: I was asked a question about a comment I made about putting lots of words in your YouTube video description, what did that mean? I thought I would share the answer here

Answer: So video like on YouTube or books on Amazon are found by search, people go to the search box and search for stuff, Also they go to Google and search for stuff. Google and the other search engines use words to find stuff.

I am including Amazon in this answer because the same thing applies there also
YouTube and Amazon have description boxes that you can put your video or book description into. On Youtube you can also put live weblinks in, this is a live weblink, This is not Note the http:// at the front

Even though the site may figure out that the link is actually a link and treat it like that. This is important because you can send people to your website from YouTube if you do this.

On YouTube you can have up to 5000 characters in your description, the more words the better. YouTube can figure out what your video is all about based on these descriptions and then they can catalog the video correctly, just like Amazon can figure out what your book is about from the description. The goal is make your videos very easy to find from the search boxes.

You are working two audiences, Audience 1, your viewer who might read the description and learn about your video and you and Audience 2, the search engine, Google or YouTube or Amazon who needs to feed the video or book to the viewer. They need to know what the book is about so they can deliver it to the correct audience.

The key here is to have good descriptive descriptions. Correct keywords. Live http web links to all your social media sites, Lots of good descriptive text. For a video you can also put in the transcript of the video, that helps a lot, for a book put in the chapter titles. What you will discover is that most people don't do this, including very big companies that should know better. Especially on videos, they just throw in one or two sentences without any live links. Use the power of the search engines to your advantage. They are giving you the tools, you just have to use them.

The order of it for YouTube, live http:// web link first thing, then a short descriptive sentence, then a longer, flushed out description, then drop in all your social media links or repeat the top link. Test your links. This will help hugely in getting your videos ranked in search.

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