Thursday, July 21, 2016

9. Publishing Your Book. Three different options for creating a book.

9. Publishing Your Book. Three different options for creating a book.

1. E-Book, two files need, the book insides saved in html and a cover saved as a jpg file. Upload both files to KDP.Direct/Kindle/Amazon. MS Word works great for creating the book. To create the cover use or

2. A print book, use, they are the print-on-demand self-publishing side of Two pdf files required, one for the interior and the other for the cover. Find a local freelancer to lay your book out for you. Usually created with Adobe InDesign but PowerPoint can work also.

3. A Quick print book, usually stapled. Create two files, the interior usually done with MS Word and a cover, or or a local freelancer.  Create two pdf files and take them to a local quick print shop for printing. Instruct them to run them out and staple to make a book. For the interior of the book, set your page setup to 5.5” x 8.5”. This works really well.  The cover will be 8.5” x 11” landscape if your book is under 32 pages.

If hosting on-line at Amazon, add descriptions, author bio, categories and keywords.

A. Set up your free accounts at Amazon, Kindle KDP, CreateSpace

B. Upload your book to Amazon or take the files to your local print shop

C. Fill in all of the description copy, pricing, categories and keywords.

D. Review the books using the Amazon proofing features.

E. Push the book live or get it printed. Because of print-on-demand you only need to print limited amounts. No need for a garage full of books.

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