Saturday, July 16, 2016

5. Have your Book Edited and Proofed.

5. Have your book edited and proofed. After your book is formatted and laid out have it printed out and re-edit again.
A. Print out your book on paper and read through. You will see things on paper you never see on the computer screen

B. Locate someone who can edit your book and send a copy to them. Could be a local freelance editor, teacher or someone on-line at a site like or

C. You can have just a copy editor for spelling and grammar or proof reader or you can go deeper with a development editor. But all books need editing.

D. Update your book.

All books need to be edited to fix spelling and grammar. Editors can also fix continuity between all the sections. Edit before you have the book layed out and then again after it is layed out and almost ready to go. It is amazing how many things we don’t see when the book is just sitting on our computer. Give the editor a printed copy to work from.

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