Friday, July 8, 2016

Use your experience and knowledge to create a leave behind or lead generating book to build your business.

In this series of posts we will be using the lessons you have learned in your career and business and now want to pass on to your employees or customers. A great way to do this is to create a book which makes for a great leave behind, introduction to what you do or lead magnet for your business. Treat it as if it is your business card. This book is simple for you to make and easy to produce. To do this we will use a techniques I have developed called the Top Ten Tips Technique. This series takes you through all the steps from creation to publishing to marketing.

1. Using the Top Ten Tips Technique to create your book

2. Writing, design, editing and formatting your book

3. File prep, Kindle, CreateSpace/paperback, or quick print, Re-editing

4. Uploading to Amazon or quick printing for publishing

5. Marketing with your book

Click here to Read an Overview of How to Start Creating Your Book

Series: Yes You Can Write a Book. If you would like to dig deeper I have developed an online video course that you follow to help make your book.

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