Monday, March 14, 2016

Building Your Book Website, Social Media and Announcements for Your Book Launch

You have started working on your book launch and assembling your media kit. Along with some of the media graphics and video from the previous post you also need to start building out a web presence. Blog or website, set up a page and highlight your book.

Book Website and Social Media
___Build out your book media page on your website.

___Choose keywords and hashtags on your book topic for social media.

___Put an ad graphic for your book on your site, link it to the Amazon sales page. Use the 2” thumbnail image from your kit for the book graphic. Make it an affiliate link if possible.

___Produce an author One Sheet pdf book info sheet with author bio and contact info.

___Produce a free pdf sample chapter that you can e-mail out and attach to your site. Add any related graphics, attached your One Sheet to the back.

___Continue to post in your Facebook Group, Blog and various Social Media sites.

___Pull together some kind of free gift, a pdf report, some short videos, an e-mail series that you can use as a bonus for buying the book. This is called a lead magnet, it is a thank you for signing up. Direct people to sign-up on your list to receive this content after they have bought the book. One of the fields in your e-mail sign-up form is for the book receipt number. Your buyer list is a great list to gather. These are people who will spend money on your products.

___Write and edit your press releases.

___Prepare your launch announcement or any articles that you might be releasing to your Blogger and Influencers network.

___Put together a virtual book tour with your Blogging network. Have articles and posts ready to go when you launch. These relationships need to be built over time so that these people will post for you.

___Record some interviews for your website and marketing using Skype or

___Making a book announcement video.

___Fill out Amazon Author Central page once your book is live.

___Link to your Amazon Author Central Page.

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