Monday, March 14, 2016

Book Launch Prep & Building Out Your Book Media Kit

You are ready to launch your book, how do your start, what are some of the first steps? There are lots of ways to launch your book, but one of the ways that is often overlooked is having a library of marketing materials at hand that you can access. These can be used for your website, social media, for interviews, and the local press. The best time to make these are just as you are releasing your book. This is usually when you still have access to your book and/or cover designer and can have them give you the pieces. Better yet make these materials part of the book cover project before you loose touch with your cover designer.

___Produce some book cover promo photos made in 3 sizes 6” wide, 4” wide, 2” wide, rgb format, at 72 and 300dpi. Request these from your cover designer, make them part of the design requirements.

___Find a local photographer and produce some promo head shots.

___Be sure to have some promo head shots with your book cover.

Promo Videos
___Prepare a book announcement video, include a call to action at the end.

___Prepare a book trailer video, include a call to action at the end. You can do this with smart phone if that is the only camera you have. The quality these days is amazing. Be sure to stand close so that you get good audio.

___Upload the trailer and announcement videos to YouTube, include a good title, live http web links, good healthy descriptions and keywords. Also include a short bio and your social media information.

___ Connect your videos to all social media sites using the share and embed buttons. These can also be uploaded to your Amazon Author Central page.

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