Saturday, March 5, 2016

10 Tips for Selling Your Book on Amazon Successfully is most likely where you will be selling your book. This site is also one of the best book and product research tools ever invented. They can tell you tons of information about your market, your readers, what they like and don’t like if you spend some time checking it out. By using what you learn you can adjust your book to key into your readers wants and needs. Marketing isn’t just pushing out lots of info about your book it is also making sure your book answers the key problems that your market has.

Make Your Book Work on the Amazon Sales Page
___A good cover that is easy to read as a thumbnail, remember we see most of our books now as thumbnail images from Amazon searches. Can readers figure out what your book is about when it is 1.5 inches high.

___Having a good title and subtitle, is it descriptive and works with search.

___A good healthy book description. Incorporate your categories, keywords and the main points about your book into the description. Drop in your Table of Contents. Many authors don’t do this. Remember books are found with search, can yours be found.

___Publish both Kindle and CreateSpace paperback versions. If you have time produce an audio version. Give your readers your book in every format.

___Link your website with a book cover thumbnail image to your Amazon sales page, make it an affiliate link. At the bottom of the Amazon sales page you will see the signup link for being an affiliate

___Use the social media links from the Amazon sales page, they are usually over on the right

___E-mail Amazon with your book categories for the international Amazon sites.

___Set up your Amazon affiliate account, use this link for your website and any posts about your book. Gives you a little extra juice.

___Use the Amazon social medial affiliate Facebook and Twitter links. Post regularly.

___Ask for book reviews. Book reviews are a big part of having success on Amazon and Amazon looks for them

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