Tuesday, March 1, 2016

General Book Marketing Concepts for Self-Publishers, Part 1

One of the most common questions I get asked by new authors is “What’s Next?” They have pushed the published button and launched their book on Amazon.com and then go what do I do now? Books don’t market themselves just because you are on Amazon. You need to be involved on a regular basis with getting your book out to the world and getting people to buy it. This is true wither you are an indie author or you have a publishing company behind you. Books need to be marketed in order to find customers. This book is about many of the tasks that you will need to do to launch and have a successfully selling book.

Who am I, my name is J. Bruce Jones and I am the author and creator of over 40 of my own books, many of them best sellers at different times and the graphic designer for many more. I am a huge fan of self-publishing, I love it. We live in an amazing moment in time where we can publish, manufacture, distribute and sell our own ideas in book, video or audio form to the world. In this book I will layout and share with you what I have learned from the past number of years from my own book making and marketing efforts. Most of the ideas in this book are directed to indie and self-publishers but they will also work with books published by traditional houses.

I will be talking about books that are published as paperback using the print-on-demand side of Amazon, called CreateSpace.com and also the e-book side using the Kindle platform. There are many ways to publish your book but for success you will need to market and that is what this book is about. This book is set up in a checklist format that you can use to set up your own marketing.

In the follow up post I will list out the main lessons that I have learned from publishing over 40 books

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This text is an excerpt from my latest book Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing, Complete Book Launch Action Plan Included! by J. Bruce Jones Available at Amazon.com

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