Saturday, December 8, 2018

Creating Your Own Journal Empire

Creating Your Own Journal Empire

A friend of mine. Rebecca Holman, recently hit an amazing goal. Her goal was to create 2,000 journals. She succeeded this fall with 2,001 journals and low content books on Amazon. Low content books are journals, coloring books, template books, planners, blank comic books that you can use to create your own stories.

Out of this effort she created a course called Journal Tsunami 2.0 about how to do it. The course covers how to Research Your Market, Create Books Quickly, Uploading them to Amazon and then Do it Again. The course is fill with Templates, training, layouts, images and more.

Journal Tsunami 2.0 Course Covers

  • Looking at the Low Content Market
  • The opportunity and how to get started
  • What makes the books so awesome
  • The tools to use
  • Watch as she creates a 190 page book in under 10 minutes
  • Creating covers

To learn more about Rebecca's Journal Tsunami 2.0 course Click Here (Affiliate Link).

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