Friday, July 28, 2017

Prep Day Training • Taking a Snap Shot of Your Book • 5 Day Book Marketing Challenge

Welcome to the 5 Day Book Marketing Challenge. Over the next 5 days I will be bringing you through some basic steps you can do to restart your book marketing. The goal with this challenge is to introduce you to book marketing, keep things simple and giving your book a basic footprint on-line.

We will be covering
• Building Your Media Kit
• The Amazon sales page
• Social Media
• Creating a Book Trailer Video
• Book/Author Websites and much more during the challenge.

Today is Prep Day for the Challenge and to get started I want you to take a Snap Shot of where you are with your book. To help you I have put together a 5 Day Book Marketing Challenge Workbook with daily worksheets to fill it in and record your progress. And a new book, 5 Things to Do to Market Your Book. Both are available in the How to Publish Your Book Facebook group and in the full course.

Be sure to come over and join the How to Publish Your Book Facebook Group and share your results.

For today we will be learning about how to figure out our books baseline. Without a baseline we won't know if or we have done is working.

Book Snap Shot
• You have a published book, where is it published, record the link?
• Record where your book stands now in monthly sales, Amazon book reviews-good and bad, this is your base line.
• What are your original and Amazon book categories and its keywords?

Author Exposure Snap Shot
• What web platforms do you have, write down their sites and addresses? Website, Blog, Social Media?
• What web groups are you in, Facebook, Linkedin, professional, personal?
• What organizations, associations and groups are you associated with, make a list. Do these groups communicate with their members? Do they have a newsletter or something similar?
• What local media outlets do you have around your community, news, community papers, radio, TV, Patch?
• Look through your personal connections, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc and see if you have any influencers or people with large followings.
• An finally who would you love to be connected to, who could help you the most?

If you want to go further we have a companion course that has all the videos, books, workbooks and a bonus training on how to make a Book Blog.

J. Bruce Jones Is the author and publisher of over 40 books, including the Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing and I love teaching other people how to make and publish their own books. There is nothing like seeing an author hold their own new book in their hands.

Bruce is the creator of the 5 Day Book Marketing Challenge, to learn more or purchase the full Challenge course please click below

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