Saturday, July 29, 2017

5 Day Book Marketing Challenge • Give Your Book a Footprint in the World • Overview

Thank you for participating in the 5 Day Book Marketing Challenge, where we be giving your book a footprint in the world. The Challenge takes you through 5 key exercises that you can use to market your book. I have published over 40 books and have helped many more people bring theirs to the world. Marketing your book is essential in order to have publishing success. It is one of the things authors hate doing. This challenge hopefully give you some of the essential skills and set your book up for success. It isn't a full blown book marketing course but a tune up for your book. When complete you will have a Media Kit, understand Amazon a little better, have your social media works, create a book trailer video and begin work on an Author website.

Each day for 5 days I will be releasing a Training Video and a Goals Video with several tasks that you and do to help your book. I have also written a companion book, 5 Things to Do to Market Your Book and a 5 Day Book Marketing Challenge Workbook that you can use to record your progress.

The challenge is being held on my How to Publish Your Book Facebook Group page. I encourage you to come over and join us there. I also hope you will share your results with the group. I am reposting the Challenge videos here in the blog also.

To start the Challenge please watch [PREP DAY TRAINING] and [PREP DAY GOALS], this will give you an overview and what to expect for the challenge. These video help you take a snap shot of where your book current status.

DOWNLOAD YOUR BOOKS In the files area over on the left you find several PDF and .Doc files to download. The [5 DAY WORK CHALLENGE WORKBOOK] and [5 THINGS TO DO TO MARKET YOUR BOOK], download both of those files.

I have also included my example of the WORKBOOK which you can use as a swipe file and follow what I did. Please post your results and comments in that days Facebook postings.

Each days Challenge name will be written with the brackets and in all caps so that you can search and find previous videos (this feature works on Facebook and other social media platform), such as [PREP DAY] TRAINING.


Day 0: [Prep Day
Training Video
Action Goals Video

Day 1: [Media Kit Day]
Training Video
Action Goals Video

Live Training Session

Day 2: [Amazon Day]
Training Video
Action Goals Video

Day 3: [Social Media Day] August 5, 2017
Day 4: [Video Day] YouTube/Facebook Live
Day 5: [Website Day] Author Website and Blogs

Day 6: [SUCCESS DAY] Rinse and Repeat Day Plus Bonuses


All the support material is available in the course or in the
How to Publish Your Book Facebook Group Files area

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If you would like to purchase the entire course, which includes all of the Challenge videos, the books and the bonus video please click on this link

J. Bruce Jones Is the author and publisher of over 40 books, including the Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing and I love teaching other people how to make and publish their own books. There is nothing like seeing an author hold their own new book in their hands.

Bruce is the creator of the 5 Day Book Marketing Challenge, to learn more or purchase the full Challenge course please click below

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Please come over and joint the How to Publish Your Book Facebook Group

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