Monday, May 2, 2016

General Online Book Marketing

Promoting your book is something that you need to do continually over a long period of time through a lot of different channels. There isn’t one specific method or way to do it. The goal here is to be continually marketing your book. This chapter contains a variety of different ideas that you can do.

We start with having your media kit ready if you are connecting with a podcaster or blogger. Media outlets need cover shots, bios, descriptions and more. You want these ready to go. We all have some kind of phone, usually with the ability to record audio and video. Once your media kit is ready then start building some video and audio content that you can use to spread your message.

 One of the things that we tend to forget is that we have a lot of electronic fingers out into the world. We have bios, online listings, signatures all kinds of stuff. We need to keep these updated with out latest bios and accomplishments including our book. And remember to give clear links to your Amazon sales page.

 ___Produce some promo book cover photos made in 3 sizes for each book, 6”, 4”, and 2”, rgb format, at 72dpi and 300dpi which you will use for print applications.

Same specs for the headshots also. If you are giving a talk they will want a head shot and book shot for promoting the event.

___Promo headshots.

___Promo headshots with book cover.

 ___Produce several book announcement videos, very easy to produce with a smart phone. Host these on YouTube and then share across your social media platforms.

___Produce several book trailer videos.

___Continue to make videos around your book topic.

___Connect videos to all social media sites. Be sure to have healthy video description with live http:// links and calls to action.

___Press releases written and edited.

___Press releases sent out to PR sites, free and paid.

___Build your book media page on your website or blog.

___Put an ad graphic for your book on your site, link it to the Amazon sales page.

___Fill out Amazon Author Central page once your book is live.

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