Friday, October 7, 2016

Building a Book Press Release and Your Own Author Press Kit

Promoting your book to the world when it releases is super important to getting it started. One of the ways to do this is to release a press release to the different news services. These can be paid or free. You can also use this usually one page document in all your other media. A press release tells the who, what, where, why and how about your book. on of the major print on demand book site has a two part article on their blog,,  on how to write the release. Pretty simple and right to the point.

Part 1 has to do with the overall idea of how a press release works.

PR Part 1: Ready, Set, Press Release!

Part 2 covers the details of the different parts and how to pull them together.

PR Part 2: Write the Best Press Release - EVER!

Along with releasing a press release for your book you should also have similar info on yourself. Every author needs an Author Press Kit. A page on your website that is about you. What you do, who you are, your books, your picture. I often recommend having several different length bios for different uses. Your About page is often one of the most read pages on your site. Think of it as a mini home page. also put out a great article on how to do this and what you should include

Author Press Kit: How You Market You

I also cover this info in my on-line course, How to Market Your Book

Ok time to get your book marketing going.

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