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How to Publish Your Book Show, March 29, 2017

How to Publish Your Book Show, March 29, 2017
Topics for todays show are:
• New Books Released in the Past Week
• Releasing a Series of Book on Amazon, Why Do It
• Tips on Creating a Book Video
• Are We Indie Author, Retaining Your Book Rights
• Re-Purpose Your Book Content

In today's show I covered some of my tips on creating your Book Trailer video that I covered in my book Book Marketing Checklist. I thought I would lay them out again. You can pick up the fill book on marketing your book at Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing

Video should be part of your book marketing efforts. It is a powerful tool that you can use on your website, in your social media and on YouTube to promote your book. Below are some tips to help make your video effective. Your book trailer video should cover 4 basic topics and be 1 to 3 minutes long.

1. Who you are, your name.

2. What you have got, the name of the book.

3.  What the book will do for you and what you will learn, use your Table of Contents to come up with your list of key points.

4. What you want the viewer to do next, buy your book on, go to your website, give them a call to action.

Smartphones work great for making nice simple, one take video book trailers. The quality is great and if you record in a quiet place the audio will be just fine. You can always improve but smartphones work very well for this purpose.

Key point for quality is to make your smartphone nice and stable, use a small tripod from or from a site like Also turn off any radios or fans that might make extra noise.

Quick Tips
• Almost any simple digital camera will do for making a video. This includes the smart phone in your pocket. The quality is amazing and most are connected right to YouTube.

• A little tripod can really help with the quality.

• Don’t have a camera, then use the Save as Movie option of PowerPoint or a screen capture program like or

• Keep the video short. This is key; around 1-3 minutes is perfect.

• If you can do it in one take, you might not need to do any editing. If you are editing, then make each shot at least 10 seconds; (count in your head). You can also add in still images, or video from a PowerPoint presentation.

• Lighting is important. Turn on the lights or stand by a window.

A dark video just doesn’t look very good. Watch out for backlighting such as a window behind you. It can kill your video.

• Stay close to the camera for good sound, turn off any radios, and watch out for background noise. If your camera has a mic input, you can also add one for better quality, lavalier mics work well.

• In your video, give viewers a call-to-action: ask them to do something, call, go to a web site, suggest something to get them to your web site.

• Do some simple editing with iMovie on the Mac, MovieMaker on the PC, for more complex, use Premier. You can even edit right in YouTube or the new YouTube Capture app that works for iPhone. Many cameras also come with video editing software.

• Add your web address along the bottom or lower third of the screen. Add contact info or a call-to-action at the end. Tell viewers that your book is available on Amazon.

• Upload your video to YouTube, then link it to a blog, your website, Facebook and other social media sites.

Setting Up Your Videos
The key to getting your videos found in YouTube and Google search is to fill in all the boxes YouTube provides with lots of relevant text when you upload your video. This includes the video title, description, web address and key words or tags.

1. Video Title, have a good descriptive video title, include your main keyword.

2. In the initial sentence of the description, include a full web address as the first item, including the http://, then a short intro description. The first sentence needs to grab because this is all you initially see below your video.

3. Add a full description, fill it out with a lot of relevant descriptive copy, maybe with a transcript of the video. Include your contact info. You can really fill this area up with text. Google indexes this area so it is important to also add your keywords into the copy.

4. Add Keywords or Tags that Relate to the video and the topic, this is super important.

5. YouTube is a social media platform, this means share your video on all your social media platforms and interacting with people who comment on your videos.

6. Use End Screens and YouTube Cards to connect with other videos, make additional comments or give information.

7. All videos should have some kind of call-to-action (CTA), including a web address or contact info during or at the end of the video.

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