Sunday, July 26, 2015

Setting Up Your Book Media Page on Your Web Site is an Essential Part of the Marketing

Setting Up a Media Page for Your Book
Setting up a media page for your book is an essential part of your book marketing. Every book should have one on your book blog or website. This is the central place for everything about your book. This is where you send people to learn about or to help promote or to have all the info for doing an article about your and your book.

Contained here should be:
• Author name, about the author and description
• Book name and description, different lengths, short, medium and long
• Who this book is for
• Include a sample chapter in pdf and word-.doc format
• Pull out some key facts from your book or good opening paragraph from the book
• Images of the book that people can download, include captions, author etc. with each image
• Videos about the book that people can embed
• Press Release
• Press mentions
• Quotes and testimonials about the book
• All the contact info for the author and where to buy the book

To see a great example check out the media page that Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner did for his book launch

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