Monday, July 6, 2015

Welcome to the Companion Site for 7 Steps to Publishing Your Book

It has never been easier to create your own book. Working with or Kindle, both part of Amazon, a word processing program and you will have your book up and selling to the world. In this course I take you through all the steps and knowledge I have from creating over 40 books and teaching many, many authors.

How to Publish Your Book in 7 Steps Course

1. Your Best 10 Tips, How to pull together the outline for your book, your subject. Includes Idea Starters and Beginning Your Platform.

2. Writing and Editing, expanding out your subject matter. Includes templates and worksheets.

3. Design, Layout and Formatting the Interior of your book based on where you are publishing it, Kindle, paperback/CreateSpace/Amazon, local quick print or pdf. I also answer the question of where do I publish my book? We then move into how to set up a Kindle book, a paperback book and a pdf book. Opening videos, and Kindle text and image guidelines.

4. Design, Layout and Formatting of the Cover
for one of those 4 formats. Includes templates and worksheets. We now have a special Case Study with author Ed Morneau on making the cover for his newest book Teacher on Rye. I take you through beginning to end the building of the cover. Cover case study with Ed Morneau

5. Publishing Your Book, File prep and getting your book ready for uploading, setting up your publishing accounts

6. Uploading your Book Files, step-by-step for Kindle and CreateSpace

7. Marketing your Book, basic tips anyone can do. Including how to build a book/author blog for your book. I include my mini course on How to Build a Author/Book Blog

Bonus Course Included. How to Market Your Book, along with techniques on how to re-purpose your book content and create more products.

The entire course for $47.00 Click below to learn more.

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