Monday, November 9, 2015

Beta, How to Make a Journal Book Course for Beginners

I am putting together a new course on how to make a journal book. This is a beginners level course and we will be using software that you probably already have on your computer.

I will be doing the first webinar/webcast Dec 1 and then out to the world after that. This post includes my rough notes and ideas as I put it together. I will be working with Becky Norwood and her site Journey to Authorship

Beta, Course Outline

Your Concept: what is your journal about,
types of journals, daily, meditation, gratitude, travel, nature, exercise, food, diabetes/medical, 

How Are You Publishing Your Book: Where are you selling it, Amazon? Createspace? Print-on-Demand

Design: picking the size of your book, how you are going to make it, book structure, options

Master Slide or Template: layout, page numbers, graphics on the page

Interior Page Layout: Formatting each page, adding art

Cover Layout: building the template, cover design, layout

Images: sources, file formats and sizes, conversion
Graphics Factory, Shutterstock, draw them, public domain, Freelance/

Output: file prep for publishing, pdf, interior, cover

Publishing: uploading your files,

Marketing: social media, book launch,

Laying out a journal page, from upcoming course on making journals

Journey to Authorship,
On this project I am working with
Image Conversion,,

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