Friday, November 20, 2015

Learn How to Print, Sell, and Distribute Your Book with IngramSpark, Interview with J. Bruce Jones

This week I had a great interview with Robin Cutler of on Learning How to Print, Sell, and Distribute Your Print-on-Demand Book with IngramSpark, We learned all the ins and out of how to bring our books out to the retail and library markets. Ingram is the worlds largest book distributor and and has one of the biggest print on demand operations. Combining both lets you print as you need and distribute anywhere in the world using their 39,000 partners.

Topics covered in the interview:
1:44 General into, IngramSpark combines print on demand printer LightingSource and the distribution company Ingram, now the world largest global book distributor

3:20 How a new person starts working with IngramSpark

4:00 setting up your account, uploading files, metadata, formats. Paperback, hardcover, saddle, including books with jackets

6:50 Can't do spiral, perf or horizontal books yet but working on them

8:30 we talk about ISBN numbers, from IngramSpark $85, they can work with Amazon also

12:00 learning about the IngramSparks book catalog iPage, goes out to 39,000 retail and library partners, this is big also, stores can order your book
Standard trade discount is 55% but you can set the discount from 30-50%

15:00 Cost is $49 to set up a book, one time fee, for either print or ebook

17:45 Print & ebook, they also distribute to Kindle, Apple iBook, Nook and Kobe and an additional 60 other ereaders
help with uploading for both ebooks and print, will also convert print to ebook for $.60/page.

22:20 Ingram has a global reach with PDF printing and distribution, also have partners around the world
Print in UK for Europe and Melbourne for Australia

23:00 Global Connect program, now includes China
We talked about putting a store on your site, collect orders and IngramSparks ships. You can also set up bundles of your books, send in the order and they will ship, Publisher Direct Program

27:00 we talked about a question on a magazine distributor who want to distribute their books in Europe and Africa, if this is also you check with the International Sales Team

28:45 Meta Data, introduction to keyword, reviews and google search

31.50 Converting yourself from a writer to a publisher

32:00 Ingram moves books to Amazon, also the importance of fostering the relationship with our book seller, be a customer of the book store and the library

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