Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Self-Publishing Manual Book Launch Wrap Up

Self-Publishing Manual Book Launch Wrap Up Video.

In this video and post talk about what I did and where I got with my recent book launch. Overall it all went great I couldn't be happier. I hit #1 for Kindle and #2 for paperback for the Self-Publishing Manual: Create and Publish Your Own Print and e-Book. Learn about all the things I did with this launch from live videos, training, social media posting, and creating a new pdf book on the launch in the video below.

For the numbers during the launch:
28 Kindle e-Books
18 Paperback
9 Amazon Reviews

#1 Kindle Best Seller in Electronic Publishing
#2 Paperback Best Seller in Electronic Publishing

For this launch is did a number of things that were new and outside of my comfort zone. 
• I built a launch team, small but I did it and it worked.

• I used live Facebook broadcasting to pre-launch and launch my book. Including an hour and half broadcast on launch day showing how I was doing all the behind the scenes stuff. Each time I did a pre-launch or launch broadcast my book moved to #3 and then on launch day to #1 in my category on Amazon.

• I spread my launch out over four weeks, instead of all on one day. For the first three weeks, I did pre-launch Facebook Live broadcasts and blog posts. In the fourth week, I held my planned book launch. Some people waited to the launch day and some bought right away. This resulted in my book sitting in the top 10-20 for four weeks.

• I asked, using Facebook Live video, if anyone wanted to interview me about my book and me. I ended up doing 4 interviews. Two of them from the UK from people I never met before.

• I asked for Amazon book reviews or hinted at how powerful they were for book launches. I ended up with nine. Not a huge amount but a lot more than I ever had for a book launch and super helpful.

• I did not reduce the prices for my books. The typical tactic for a book launch is to drop the Kindle prices to $.99 or as low as you can. I left them where they were. I got my results with a Kindle e-book priced at $7.95 and the paperback at $29.95. Why? I think because of the Facebook Live broadcasts and having built a decent size book platform.

• As an experiment, I released a pre-edited, pre-released pdf paid version of the book on my blog. I sold about as many pre-released versions as I did final books in the launch. I just want to see what would happen.

The Self Publishing Book Launch Checklist and Swipe File
I also created a new book based on the launch. The Self Publishing Book Launch Checklist and Swipe File. This book includes all of the checklists, posts, and steps that I did for launching this book. I include the swipe files that I created to help on launch day.

• The book launch checklist
• A case study of the launch, including blog posts, videos I created, examples of the social media posts
• The swipe files that I created for creating the blog posts and social media posts
You can pick the book up at

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