Friday, August 28, 2015

My Best Book Marketing Secrets, by J. Bruce Jones

Congratulations you have finished your book and it will be published shortly. Now what? Well that is the question we all ask, how do I get people to buy my book? Marketing, marketing, marketing, it is an ongoing process. I have been creating and publishing books for quite a few years and through that journey I have learned a few key secrets and tips. In this posts I layout some of my best marketing tips. In future posts I will deeper into many of these. 
  • Your book marketing begins the day you start writing your book
  • Amazon doesn’t do your online marketing for you, you have to do it.
  • It is important to build some kind of central web home for your book, this can be a website or a blog. Facebook is not a home for your book. You want some place that you can blog, host content, collect email names and have connections so readers can buy
  • Build your author platform!
  • Build out your marketing wheel. Have a central home where all your social media and other properties can point to. From this home have a clear path for buying your book.
  • Give Away to Get. Give away sample chapters, maybe even full books, related content, and information. Deliver however your reader wants.
  • Traffic Matters, only about 1% buy but you need to bring in the other 99% to get those one. Be out there, be public and bring in readers.
  • Build a mixture of online and off-line marketing.
  • It is a continual process, do something everyday
  • Publishing on Amazon is important, start here first then branch out
  • Amazon book reviews are important
  • Have the best cover you can afford,
  • Edit, Copy Edit and Proof Read, pay an editor to clean up your book.
  • Good healthy book descriptions are important, use all the space they give you.
  • Your Table of Contents are your book’s benefits, don’t do Chapter 1, 
Chapter 2, be descriptive
  • Try not to end up with a garage full of books, use print on demand and ebooks. Keep your costs to a minimum. You can always print later
  • Create an event around the release of your book. Build some buzz about it using all of the tools available.
  • You don’t need to advertise in traditional media.
  • Build a web site around your own content and sponsor your site with your own books.
J. Bruce Jones is the author and creator of over 35 books on many different topics. The book marketing secrets are from my new Book Marketing Checklist which is available for free. Head over to the right to download.

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