Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What Images Resolution Should My Pictures Be for My Kindle Book

What image resolution should my pictures be for my children's Kindle picture book, especially if I am using the Kindle Kids Book Creator?

Excellent question from Carlos S. and thank you for asking.

Hi, Bruce, Last year when I convert my 9 comic books into digital format, Your YouTube instructions using Kindle's Comic Creator (using Abobe Illustrator) was extremely helpful!! Now, 10 months later, I ready to publish my 10th comic book, I see you are using PowerPoint and Kindle's Kids Book Creator. Having seen all you YouTube videos, I've used Illustrator and 300dpi for my images. I couldn't find where you suggest image resolution to use for PowerPoint. For your experience... 

Questions: What in you opinion, is the minimal resolution on a line-art drawing to paste in PowerPoint and will look good on a mobile device? Should anti-alias be used?

Answer: Thank you very much for the question Carlos. If you are staying with just the Kindle and the Kindle Kids Creator, which by the way is an amazing tool, then I would work in 72 or 96 dpi. If you are working with just black/white line drawings I would experiment with keeping the drawings in gray scale instead of going to bit map. If you think you will also be producing that book in paperback with CreateSpace then I would probably go up to 300dpi. PowerPoint will pull in the entire jpg file and the PowerPoint file can get pretty big. 

PowerPoint doesn't have the different resolutions for making a pdf like Illustrator or InDesign does. 

If you are unfamiliar with the Kindle Kid or Comic Book Creator, they are amazing tools for converting pdf files into Kindle books. If you can make a pdf file you can make a Kindle book. It is just about that simple.  Getting graphics into a Kindle book is a pain until this set of free tools came along.

Here is the link to download this free app from Amazon that will convert your pdf file.  

Video on making a children's book using PowerPoint and Kindle Comic Creator

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