Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Where Do I Self-Publish My E-books and Print Books, from How to Publish Your Book Show #4

Where Do I Self-Publish My E-books and Print Books, from How to Publish Your Book Show  with Bruce Jones

This weeks show will focus on "Where to Self-Publish your E-book and Print Book." I will be covering the major players for both e-books and print on demand books, along with publishing questions and a resource. Please drop a question in if you have it and I will try to cover  it. use the hash tag  #AskBruce

Today's show we will be talking about Where to Publish Your ebook and print book

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This weeks questions: 
• Can I take pictures in public and use them in my books? also royalty free, public domain, Creative Commons 0 images
• Second quesiton, how many words should be in a title?

Show topic:
Where to Publish Your ebook and print book, we cover the major players in ebook, print on demand books and pdf books

Mobi format
• Kindle free Amazon,

Epub format, which is all other sites other than Amazon
• iBooks, from Apple iTunes free, uses iBook Author
• Nook, Barns & Noble
• Kobo, big in Canada and Japan

Major Book Aggregators
• paid, print & ebooks
• free, supplies books to Apple iBook

Print and Print-on-Demand Books
•, Amazon, print on demand, design your books in MS Word, Adobe InDesign, PowerPoint, pdf file format
•, great for picture books Bookwrite software and InDesign
• pdf
• print and ebooks

Want to sell books in book stores
• Ingramsparks available in all markets except, print on demand, sell in bookstores

• Pressbooks, print & ebooks, book writing software, ebooks and print-on-demand

Digital Publishing Platforms, pdf files
•, think magazines online, style, fashion, all kinds
Sell your books on your own site, use or for hosting

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