Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Off Line Book Marketing Tips to Promote Your Book from How to Market Your Book

Day two of tips from the Book Marketing Action Plan. These tips are from the first level of the Action Plan, simple suggestions to promote your book
  • Good cover design, remember your back cover if you have a print version 
  • Be sure you can read your cover at the thumbnail size 
  • Don’t fall in love with your title when writing, it might be wrong 
  • Be sure your book is edited and has a final proof read 
  • Good descriptive table of contents, these are your books benefits 
  • Promote your next book in the back of your current books. 
  • In the front of your Kindle book add a live http link to your Amazon Central Page 
  • Build a basic media kit for promotion and interviews 
  • Make up jpg cover images in 3 sizes for marketing and posting, 2", 4" and 6", 300 dpi and 72 dpi. Your cover designer can give your these. 
  • Make up a picture of yourself holding your book cover, preferable near your head 
  • Prepare 50, 150-200 and 500 word bios and book descriptions with details you can have ready for promotion, interviews, blog posts. 
  • Figure out who wants your book and sell it to them 
  • Let every company, organization, or association you are part of know about your new book, especially if they have a newsletter 
  • Start your marketing the day your start your writing. 
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