Monday, January 9, 2017

Design Tips for Writing Your Own Autobiography Book

I had an excellent conversation today with a friend who is writing his own autobiography. We covered a lot of topics and I thought this would make a good video. An autobiography about your life is a great way to pass on your story for your family, friends and your legacy. It is also as he has discovered a way of going back and remembering and reflecting on your life and the journey you have been through. This video covers some of the design tips that you will need to consider

Topics covered in this video
• MS Word is a good place to write, set your page size up at the final size of your book. Sizes 6" x 9", 5.5" x 8.5", 5" x 8" work well

• Different binding options, perfect, saddle stitch, paperback, hard cover

• Adding pictures, resolution 300dpi, black & white and color

• Making a working, at size proof to see any issues.

• Have an editor review your book


Print On Demand Sites
If you want to release your book to the world you would probably sell it on Amazon using print on demand or ebook technology. The main place is Amazon.

Making a Hard Cover Book
If you wanted to just do a few hard cover books for your family you will need to find a printer that does short runs. I have created some hard cover books with a company called Acme Binding in Charlestown, MA, they have a division called Book Partners. Short run (25-1,000) in hardcover with a printed cover. 25 might be just right for you, they do a great job.

Local Quick Print Shop
You can also create a book at your local copy shop or places like Staples. Just bring in the file and they can print it out and bind it. Usually they will spiral bind the book

You can learn how to create your own books by joining my Yes You Can Write a Book Membership site. In the site you have access to all of my courses for a low monthly investment. Leave any time. I cover all the different ways to create your own book in my courses.

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  1. Hey, bruce! Amazing video, as always! Please, keep up your good work! I see that you are truly passionate about this! :) Much love, Sauwen