Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How I Use an Author Blog/Website to Promote and Sell My Books

In this video training I talk about setting up an author blog/website for your book. One of the biggest questions I get asked is about how to market your book. For my book I use small websites and blogs to promote and sell them. I have done this for years.

The basic theory is to publish large sections of your book in small chunks on your website. Blogs are particular good for this because each post with your content becomes a web page. Around your content you wrap ads for your own books. You can also put a footer in every post to either direct people over to sign up for some free content or just a link to your book on Amazon. Using an email service like AWeber or MailChimp you can build a mailing list around your content that will become invaluable when you have another book to sell. Some people even write their books right into their blogs and build a following that you can carry along to the book launch.

I use Googles Blogger platform but you can also do this with a WordPress blog or even a normal website. You just add thumbnails of your book cover along with live links of where your reader can buy the book.

Here are some examples of using a blog to promote your book

You will notice that my books are all over the place on these sites and each one has a link to a sales page. The website content brings the visitor and the book is sitting there ready for buying.

Stealing Your Content
A question I get is aren't your worried about people stealing your content, why would they buy the book. My reply is that I think sales run in the 1% range or smaller. You need to get at least 99 people to your site before you get a single sale. Just like walking into a bookstore, you walk by thousands of books before you buy one. But you need to be in the store to buy one. Same online. You need to have a lot of traffic. Your content beings the traffic.

Why Buy a Book When I Can Read the Website
A second question I get is, why would someone buy when they can just print out the page. Yes they can print out the page, and I hope the do to get the answer to their question. But people don't want to read or print out 60 pages, that is the person I am looking for, the one that wants a physical copy or a pdf of the entire book. Reward people for making the effort to get to your site. Don't make them angry because you didn't answer their questions. Then sell your visitor something.

Special Access to How to Make a Google Blog
As a special offer for my followers I am opening up my How to Make an Author Blog/Website Videos. In this blog tutorial training you will learn how easy it is to build a Google Blog, support, promote and sell your books. Blogs make excellent platforms for marketing and selling your books.

Google's Blogger Blogs are:
• Easy to set up for beginners
• Free, which is always great
• Part of the Google family of products so they all work together
• Easy to customize
• Easy to add all kinds of video, images, text, links. A lot of versatilit.

To access the video training on how to set up a Google Blogger Blog please click on this link and then scroll down to the Class Curriculum. The two training videos are right at the top of the Class Curriculum

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