Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Year End Book Sales Report, How Many Books Did I Sell in 2016? 4,322 Books

It is that time of year for the end of year report. I am a huge promoter of self-publishing and all that it can bring. Once you get some books going you can have a nice little income stream. 2016 was a good year for book sales. Just a little better than 2015 which was also pretty good.

Total book unit sales 4,322
Total book dollar sales $14,582
Average royalty $3.73

USA sales $11,968
Great Britain Sales $2,355
European Sales $259

International Best Seller 1, Book Marketing Checklist for Self Publishing

Total book sales for the year are 4,322 all from CreateSpace for a total of $14,582 in dollars. Books have been holding pretty steady. But what really helped this year was gang buster December. This December was the best month I have ever had with a total of 560 books sold. My regular best sellers are still my best sellers, Blank Sheet Music for Guitar and World Regional Maps Coloring Book. They were only apart by 15 books.

One of the big lessons I learned a long time ago is that books can remain remarkably steady in sales. Once they hit their monthly level they can stay around that level for years.

My print books are my best selling books and have been since I started. I do have a pretty successful Kindle book right now, my Book Marketing Checklist for Self Publishing, but other than that most of my Kindle books don't do much. Also this year Amazon kicked all the coloring books off of Kindle. I figured that was coming anyways.

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For me this was a huge year of change. I wound down my design business after 30 years, sold my house, traveled all over the US for the summer, and bought a new house. All while my books just kept on selling. I highly recommend developing a line of books that you can build on and build a business around. Test every idea you have until you find one that works and then expand it. If you can figure out a book that people need to keep re-buying, like the blank sheet music books, then you will get repeat sales and have a success. Think log books, journals, medical, sports, and weight diaries, etc. Once people like them they just keep on buying them.

It was also a year where I had my first Amazon International Best Selling book, my Book Marketing Checklist for Self Publishing. I hadn't really ever run a book launch campaign until this year even though I have been selling books for years. It went great and this book continues to be my best selling Kindle Book. To learn more about how to run your own Best Seller campaign click here. But I do have a number of Amazon category best selling print books, which is any book in the top 100 and have had these for a long time. I would much rather go after and build a great selling book than a single day best seller. You make a lot more money

December 2016 CreateSpace book sales

I have 45 titles on CreateSpace and Amazon, 39 of them sold at least one book last year with the best seller, selling 1,222 copies. Almost all books sell at least 1 a year, Most sell at least one a month, then 1 a week. I regard any book that sells 10-15 a month a successful book. Doesn't sound like a lot but it adds up to the bottom line. I still market my books using blogs, Pinterest, websites and email auto responders along with promotions from Amazon and Google.

2016 CreateSpace Book Sales

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