Thursday, January 21, 2016

Author Hits Number 1 in Style on Amazon with Color Your Home Bohemian Using How to Market Your Book Course

I had a wonderful message today from author Stacy Taylor who used my How to Market Your Book course to get some pretty cool results with the launch of her new book, Color Your Home Bohemian.

Bruce! I'm so excited I just had to share with you! I took your online course & look at my Amazon rankings! And on my very first book with less than 10 people on my e-mail list, and a modest social media following, too! I did it! Yay! A huge thank you hug for teaching me how! I'm telling everyone about your awesome instruction! You rock! Have an awesome day, Bruce!

Thanks, Bruce! I watched your course How to Market Your Book. And clearly it works! I have several new author friends & I've been telling them all to check out your courses. You give such great clear instruction, & I was absolutely blown away when I saw how well it worked! I sat there staring at the computer screen when my Amazon rankings came up and thinking, wow, this can't be true, could that be possible,...then realizing it actually WAS true, & screaming with joy so loud I'm sure I woke up all the neighbors! Haha! Yes, I would be honored to have you share my results! You may post my results and / or comments anywhere you like. Thanks again, Bruce!
Hahaha! I'm so excited! I can't believe this is happening! Thank you so much, Bruce!!!!!

Well done Stacy, this is very exciting.

Check out Stacy book on Amazon; Color Your Home Bohemian: A bohemian Home Decor Book/Adult Coloring Book

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