Monday, January 18, 2016

How to Come Up with a Title for Your Course Using FaceBook Polls

My very scientific survey recording device.

I just ran an interesting experiment in several Facebook groups to come up with a title for my new course. This exercise can also be used to survy a book title or really anything that you want. Using the poll feature on a post you can test several different ideas and see which resonate with your audience. I posted 4 different titles in 5 different Facebook groups that related to my topic, Formatting Kindle Books. Almost within minutes you start getting results and they continue to come in over the next day. This is also another reason to build out your own Facebook Group, it is a very powerful tool. (I have a course coming soon on how to build a Facebook Group for your business or cause.)

The titles I tested were
• How to Format Your Kindle Book, 16 responses
• Kindle Formatting Success, 3 responses
• Formatting Your Kindle Book, 2 responses
• Kindle Formatting Simplified, 10 responses

I also researched Google and Amazon using the instant search box to see how the crowd and search sees this topic. I have settled on
How to Format Your Book for Kindle

Doing this does a number of things.
1. It announces to the world that you are releasing a product. It is a product announcement without being salesie. It give you some time to get all the parts working
2. You get feedback very quickly, sometime withing seconds.
3. People feed you new ideas. One title that was interesting was How to Format Your Kindle book in 3 Days. I didn't use it as a title but I might use something like in my course promo copy.
4. It gives you a great reason to interact with your audience. You are giving them something to do.
5. You see which of the groups you post in has activity and a good idea of where to come back to when you launch.

If you want to be notified of the launch date or other info around the course be sure to sign up over on the right. I will keep you informed as the course gets closer. Estimating launch for Feb 15, 2016.

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