Sunday, January 3, 2016

How to Line Up Text so it Matches the Lines on the Page when Making a Journal Book

A question from a student from my course on Easy Journal Books: How do I Line up Text so it matches the Lines and spacing on each page.

Answer: When Making a Journal Book in PowerPoint the trick for getting your text and lines to line up is to use the leading feature in type specing to line stuff up, You want to match the leading of your text with the leading of your lines. Leading is the space between lines type. Type is written like this 10/12, this is ten point type with 12 points of leading between each line, but that is also a measurement that you can use to line things up. All of this will be done on the master slide

1. Make a block of text that is the size and spacing (leading) that you like

2. Change the text to lines using the underscore key stroke. Use the block of type and instead of making words, make lines. Adjust the spacing, top to bottom

3. If you don't like the line thickness of the Underscore character, then use them as a template that we can draw lines on top of. Draw lines on top of the underscored lines.

4. Use the Alignment feature of PowerPoint to even out the spacing of the lines

5. Delete the Underscored lines and keep the drawn lines. Group them to keep them together and you should be ready to go

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